Flooded In!!!

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by FirearmFanatic, Aug 13, 2016.

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    Gimme a heads up if you start a water damage sale.
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    Thank god my insurance is covering this. I asked today what our approx bill will be and was told somewhere in the neighborhood of $4000 plus $700 for mold test by an independent 3rd party making sure it is all removed. That doesn't include the cost to replace the kitchen floor and bedroom carpet.

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    I was helping the sandbaggers during the 97 MN floods. I was the communications link for the national guard to the red cross and to the guys driving the sand trucks. It was heartbreaking to tell a family to grab what they could and get out because the sandbags were going down the middle of the street and they were on the wrong side... But the number of volunteers who helped them move stuff to the second floor, or to move everything into a semi trailer from the 22 houses we had to abandon... we saved 90% of their belongings. The last of them were going on the trailers in waist deep water. Soon as the last trailer was out we closed the sandbag wall and those houses all got 8-10 feet of water in them.

    Start of the sandbag wall down the street. It eventually was 10 feet tall

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    What, you didn't get your notification? ;)
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    Pretty Full Canoe! :eek:
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    Good luck to you FirearmFanatic...

    Saw this on the news and heard they were trying to blame Bush for the flooding again... :D
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    Rained another 3 inches today and the flood waters are on the rise again. :(
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    I'm in the process of getting damage from a water heater leak repaired as we speak. The initial damage estimate for damage to sub floor, linoleum, sheet rock, insulation, mold removal and drying things out was over $21,700. Uncovered more mold than was included in the initial estimate meaning more sheet rock to come down, be replaced and refinish the remainder of the kitchen walls and walls in one bathroom. Estimate for the second phase is about $7,000. On top of the damage to the house we've still got to get estimates on having molded/odor ridden clothes cleaned and rust damage to several of my guns that were in the gun safe in the same closet where the water heater was.
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  9. I've lived in Louisiana for the past 8 months and so far I really don't like it lol two record floods in one year, one in the north and now one in the south. Flood waters scare the sh1t out of me. Stay safe though, I'm glad your house is holding up well. From were my wife is from is completely under water and her friend has lost everything. Baton Rouge is completely under and so is Denim.
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    When did piss ant get married??? T Rex was she drunk??
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    Is this all just from the water heater? If so, you best get lots of other estimates.
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    Mike, are you still above the water level or do you have some damage done yet???
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    Yes, above the water level with no damage done except for the leaky roof. Two of the "exit" roads out of town opened yesterday so I was able to drive to the nearest city 8 miles away to replinish suplies. However on my return to home noticed that one road may soon be closed again do to rising flood waters from drain off and backflow. There are still areas around that you can not travel due to standing flood waters.
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    Been wondering if you were still OK Mike. Just decided to ask. Stay safe now until all water recedes.
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    Will do. And thanks for checking on me! :)
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    Praying for receding waters!
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    You are welcome my friend!
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    This is a prime example of needing to be prepped and ready! I can go months without getting supplies!