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    I'm trying to establish weather I need a Florida Non-Resident Permit or not. Some websites say they don't honor Ohio's permit and other sites say they will honor Ohio's permit to carry. I'm planning a trip to Florida in a few months and I want to be sure. If anyone can help with this pleeaase let me know. Thanx :?
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    According to USA Carry you will probably need the Florida out of state permit.
    Georgia is your problem with the Ohio Permit.
    With the Florida OOS you can drive,Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama or Georgia (depending on what part of Florida you are headed to) and then right in to Florida.
    Here is the url
    Just click on Ohio and the states that honor Ohios permit will show.
    Click of Florida and the same. There is a color index on the lower right that explains the colors on the map.

    Hope this helps.

  3. www.handgunlaw.us.

    Click on your state of origin and it'll show you what states honor your home state permit.