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  1. It was only a matter of time. I saw this on the morning news, it supposedly took place in Clinton, Connecticut (about 45 miles east from Newtown, CT.)

    Quote: “The FAA will investigate the operation of an unmanned aircraft system in a Connecticut park to determine if any Federal Aviation Regulations were violated,” the FAA said in a statement. “The FAA will also work with its law enforcement partners to determine if there were any violations of criminal statutes.”

    I'm sure this has already been done by some government's clandestine ops.
    It'll be interesting to see how and when this all shakes out.
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    The video was kind of neat, but the guy posting it must need some mental help if he thought it was a good idea to post that video,can you say stupid is as stupid does. guess who's going to loose his gun rights real soon! Anyone want to beat they find / make up some real bad crap about him. He's gonna be toast.

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    Fpsrussia posted one awhile back with a fully auto gun on it Prototype Quadrotor with Machine Gun! - YouTube

    Don't worry guys it's fake.....still fun to watch though!
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    As I wrote over on TheKTOG:

    I remember when people called these things "RC" aircraft. RC Airplanes, RC Helicopters, RC Quadracopters, etc.

    And putting a gun on one (or rockets, etc.) isn't exactly novel.

    We've been dinking around with the idea of armed RC aircraft since the 20's and 30's. We've been dinking around with Video Cam operator control since we got that technology. It ain't new.

    The reason that it's finally becoming "viable" are two-fold. First, the technology for really good video & control has been too heavy and too energy heavy before. Solid State micronization has dramatically improved this recently. Can you imagine trying to do a loadout with an M16 & 100 round mag with a 1980's style video camera? Ouch. Talk about weight!
    Now, the weight of the cam is 1/100 of what it was. Second, there's been a resistance to unmanned armed craft. It's a social thing. People in general, but particularly the military, really like actual human pilots in their flying death machines.

    I think that part that has people most in a tizzy is that "drones" are supposed to be capable of some level of autonomous flight and control. Less "RC" and more "Rise of the Robots."

    Let's combine these two things. What could possibly go wrong?





    Peace favor your sword,
  5. Saw this on reddit where he uploaded it first.
    Aparantly the ATF told him he wasn't breaking any rules as the gun was still semi-auto.
    How-ever i can see them quickly changing their tune and calling "easily convertible" as he can change a line of code. How-ever It has been said that as long as the trigger is being pulled every pull its not full auto IE: Bump Fire
    So right now its perfectly legal ATF wise, how ever the FAA has more rules than all religons combined, and less care if the P*ss you off or ruin your life for no real reason.

    I think its cool, just because its a little scary isn't a reason for panic.

    The government gets predator drones damn it. Why cant I have a Quad with a PMR-30 that wont hit sh*t :p
  6. Its fake? I never knew this.....really?
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    I just felt obligated to note such so that nobody goes into full panic.
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    Knowing our Government, it won't be long before there are pages of restrictions on drones, or a required background check. :D
  9. IM glad you did, people on reddit were commenting "THIS IS LAME FPS RUSSIA DID IT FULL AUTO!!!!!!!!!!"
  10. There is already a huge push to FAA. to ban people flying them out of sight.
    basically they have first person view technology now.

    My buddy has one, put a pair of crazy expensive glasses on, and there are two screens. that let you see what the camera on the Quadcopter is recording.

    He is deep into it, can fly the quad a mile away with a antenna booster.
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    On average have roughly the IQ less than that of a large African herbivore.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    AFAIK putting a gun on a RC vehicle of any kind is not illegal and I don't see why it should be either unless you're using it for illegal activities.
  13. You are right, but i bet the FAA finds something to pin him on

    Even if its for the little old law that says its illegal to fly in "no fly zone" for "commercial purposes"

    SOOOOOO........ if he makes a dime off views on his youtube video, he is now in the "commercial purposes" and in no fly zone because he is so low.

    Should it matter? not in my opinion, but seriously the FAA is more sadistic than the ATF and tolerate no other interpretation of the law.
  14. This is what people should really be afraid of.
    Notice the US ARMY stamp.

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    It's just a crashed Predator. The Army has been using them for reconnaissance for quite awhile.
  16. It was half sarcastic.
    The point being.
    "big deal a guy put a pistol on a quad copter"
    the army has drones the size of busses and can easily destroy entire villages with bombs and they accidental drop them in some not so friendly deserts
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    Too bad no one thought to put incendiary devices (thermite) aboard to destroy the RPV when it crashed...

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    OK, point well taken. Now, what exactly would you call a "Legal" use of a gun mounted on a drone? Pest control, guarding the old ranch, hit man?? I can think of a few more illegal than legal uses for it. Just sayin :rolleyes:
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  19. The same one i use to justify 100rd drum mags and slide fire stocks.
    Because its cool. :cool:
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    I want one just cause:D