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    This story was in Gunweek awhile back. I grew up in NYC and have flown many times in and out of Newark/Liberty airport but never with my gun. After reading this I will fly into PA if taking my gun and drive from there. :shock:
  2. Good read, insane what happened to the poor SOB.

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    That could have been any of us... Following the law and everything... Getting arrested for following the law... SUING THEIR A$$E$ off for False arrest, false imprisonment, pain and suffering, public embarassment, and give him his firearm back. There's nothing like a multi-million dollar apology.

    FOPA... Is it just me or is the first thing you thought was the french cliche "Faux Pas" (Fo' Pa) Which literally means False Step. Anyone?
  4. Wow! That could be any law abiding citizen. Lesson to learn here: Don't assume you have the protection of the law just because the law exists, I guess.
  5. Once again I'm glad I live in Texas.
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    And I am glad I live in Florida. On a side note NJ just abolished the death penalty. So that guy in the story that claimed to have killed four people will be a leech on the system for the rest of his life on our dime! Meanwhile a law abiding gun owner has the screws put to him. :x