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  1. So, I'm thinking about flying from Salt Lake City to Denver in about 6 weeks. I'd like to being my concealed carry weapon with me. I've looked at the federal regulations and the policies of my airline of choice (Southwest). (Click for links.) My understanding is I can take my firearm on the plane if I check it, declare it, and have it in a locked, hard container. I'm not thinking at this point that I'll take any ammo with me, but that might change. Is there anything else I should know, or anything I should do? I would appreciate any help you could give me with this matter.

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    My nephew used to travel alot by air with his weapon You need a locked hard case. make sure after they check it and tag it you put in your luggage [NOT carry-on] never put the case in by itself you may lose it :wink: . Also ammo must be in a SEPARATE locked case. Good lick and have fun

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    You cannot carry it with you on the plane. It must be in the checked baggage compartment, like inside your suit case.

    I just flew down to Texas earlier this year on Delta to attend a funeral. I could fly with my weapon after:

    1) Declaring the weapon to the Delta ticket agent who sent me to:

    2) the TSA agent who inspected the weapon and mags to insure they were unloaded and then pawed through the rest of my luggage after informing them of 40 rounds of ammo for the pistol:

    3) The luggage was then taken to be scanned for any bomb material before it was allowed on the plane in the luggage compartment:

    4) I was then allowed to pass through the security checkpoint, WITH my ticket, and board the plane. :evil:

    Flying out of DFW was an equal hassle as the TSA screener did not even have a private room or screened area to do his pawing and digging through my luggage. However, it was nice to know that even the bow hunters had to go through the same routine as I did. :twisted:

    The simplest way to prevent a hi-jacking would be to let those with CCW's to carry their weapons with them unannounced. When a hijacker(s) try to take over a plane, let the folks with CCW's handle the situation. Have the ammunition makers come out with ammo that will take out a person but not damage an airplane cabin. As to flying anywhere, I'll do it in an emergency but otherwise I'll drive to where I need to go. :roll:

    Edit: The ammo must be in the original packaging, a hard case like an MTM ammo case and no more than 100 rounds.
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    Be sure and put the largest dildo you can find in your luggage! Maybe a few S&M mags as well...
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    i did'nt even realize checking a gun in was possible.
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    Yup. Check the TSA website for details.
  8. Thats interesting, I learn something new everyday :)
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