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    I've been figuring I needed to come into the 20th century for awhile. I stumbled across I decent deal that brought me all the way into the 21st.

    My auto round of choice is 45, and 15 + 1 was what attracted me. At 600 OTD I jumped. The gun is lightly used, and came as sold new. Hard case, 3 15 round mags, 2 back straps, papers, lock, and test case.

    The gun is large. My first impression was it feels like a JHP. The weight is similar, the balance is similar, and the grip is a hand full for my larger than average hands. It has that top heavy feel of the large Hi Points, not as bad and nearly disappears with a loaded mag, but that top heavy feel is there. The grip is very heavily textured, aggressive would be accurate. Most reviewers notice this right away, but all claim it's not a problem when shooting. This was not my experience. The rear corners of the grip have a two heavy vert ridges, a line of vertical aggressive dots, and the first line of the side panel text. These bit into my palm and we're uncomfortable. I filed and sanded them away, and problem solved.

    The grip is large, larger than the HP. At first it felt uncomfortablely large, especially compared to my beloved revolvers. As most do I like the smaller back strap insert, but it's still large. But with trigger time I have adjusted, and grown to like it. It's the best out of the holster grip I've ever used. The grip angle is 1911 and it fits naturally into my palm exactly where it needs to be for a straight line from elbow to muzzle. No fumbling for the right that I had to train away with revolvers. However even with my large hands the trigger is way out there. This would likely be a problem for those with smaller hands.

    The trigger is another feature that attracted me to the gun. It's a double/single action and nearly all rave about it online. I will not, more later. I like the idea of double/single action because I can carry the gun as I have trained with revolvers. My gun is a late 2009 and has a decocker function. This allows safe chambering and carry hammer down safety off like a revolver. I don't have a safety issue with cocked and locked, but I like the idea of a long heavy first pull forcing me to think "shoot". A single action trigger is pretty easy to break before you're ready playing around at the range, let alone while under perceived life or death stress. But the trigger itself is going to take some getting used to.

    There is a lot of take up in both modes. The double action is smooth, but not good revolver smooth, but it's ok. The take up in single action is a whole bunch, and the reset is very long. Over travel is not to bad though. I'm having two problems with the trigger. The motor skills between double and single is different. It requires two sets of brain functions. Coupled with the long single action reset, and if I go to far with the reset adding all that take up...it's just not natural for me. There is so much going on I'm not comfy with it, it's not reaction use for me. It's smooth, no grit at all, the break is clean, but I don't like it. Hickok 45 says it's a great trigger, and he knows way better than. But I'm gonna need a lot more practice so when it changes operation and feel I'm not surprised.

    The gun is completely ambidextrous, no swapping of parts to make it so. The only control not on the right side is the take down lever. Take down is conventional and easy. Lock the slide back, rotate the take down lever 90 degrees and the slide comes right off. It has a full length steel guide rod and the spring is captured. You end up with four parts. Reassembly is the reverse and just as easy. The materials, machining, and fit and finish are quality. One major feature are the guide rails are retained with pins and are replaceable making the frame overhaulable.

    I've put about 250 rounds through it, 3 230gr FMJ loads, (2 reloads and American Eagle) and 2 230gr LRN reloads. Ratrods, 230gr FMJ plinking load wouldn't cycle the gun enough to even extract. His load crono'ed just over 600 fps and is simply to light for this large slide and heavy spring. The gun has been 100% for every single other round I've fed it. It liked my light Bulls Eye load, 658 fps, just fine. About 200 lead loads have produced no leading of the bore. I bench rested 12 of my Power Pistol loads during a work up. They were the very first rounds I put through the gun. Because of my issues with that trigger it's impossible to report what the gun is capable of. At 25 yards all but the hot load were inside about 8". It scattered the hot load pretty good (960 fps). The rest of the shooting has been off hand building trigger time. It's easy SD accurate out to 25 yards. It's no doubt much better than I am so far.

    The gun and the late model FNX series get terrific Internet reviews. The only issue I've found, and you have to look hard, is a few guys have had reliability problems with 185gr ammo. The gun was designed for the Army and 230 grain ammo. I've found no one who has a problem with any 230 grain ammo. They are a bit spendy new, large, heavy, and that huge grip. I would NOT recommend anyone buy this gun without first handling one. But if you like 15 + 1 45, don't mind carrying a large gun (it's my new EDC), and can find a deal on one you can handle I would absolutely recommend this gun. I'll get used to the trigger. Lol
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    FNH makes good guns. I enjoy shooting them

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