FN Model 1922 with Waffenamt proofs

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  1. One of my LGS called me up about a gun they’d taken in, a Harrington & Richardson Safety Hammerless in .32S&W that they were selling for $100. I went in to take a look at it and decided to pass.

    But while I was standing there shooting the breeze, I looked down into the case and spotted an FN Model 1922, priced at $125 and marked “parts only”. Other than missing the magazine, the gun looked pretty complete so I asked for a closer look.

    It’s been bubba’d, but the bubba job is kinda reversible: The gun has an FN Browning Model 1910/55 .380ACP barrel & barrel bushing instead of the correct (longer) barrel and slide extension. You can see in one of pics the slot for the slide extension to lock into, and the 1910 barrel bushing sits a tad more recessed in the 1922 slide. Oh, yeah, the slide extension has the front sight on the Model 1922 so… this gun has no front sights. The gun also has the Waffenamt proof marks, however they re-blued it and the proof marks aren’t nearly as sharp as they should be. So all in all it looks to truly be a parts gun or a fun little shooter.

    I offered the shop $100 and bought it. Pics of the gun along with a comparison to my other FN Model 1922

    The question now:
    Do I find the parts to make it correct? (meaning I either get a correct Model 1910/55 slide or get the correct Model 1922 barrel and slide extension)
    Do I part it out?

    What do you folks think?

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  2. SWAGA

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    Try and find the correct parts ;)

  3. MaryB

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    I would restore it! Love the old military pistols and rifles! Good thing I am poor or I would need a room to house them!
  4. ajole

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    NE Utah
    You have two halves of two guns...you need to restore them both!:)
  5. undeRGRound

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    Make is a shooter, as-is (interesting hybrid) or do the above ;)
    Make 2 guns from the two halves :D
    Short term: SHOOTER.
    Long Term: TWO-FER!
  6. Found some parts but they are WICKED pricey so far :(
    The longer endcap is serialized to the gun so no matter what, it'd be a mis-match - no collector value. But the reblue job pretty much took care of that anyway. And did I mention the parts are WICKED pricey? :( :(

    I think I'll go shoot it today as-is just for chuckles.
  7. The 1910 and 1922 pistols are among my favorites and still some of the better buys in the C&R market. So far I only have one, a pre-WWII commercial version in 7.65 Browning. Wolff, Triple-K, and Springfield Sporters among others are still supplying us crufflers with repro and OEM parts, so I'm not as bummed as I might be thinking how hard it is to find replacement barrels and such. Anything John Moses Browning put his mind to is fine with me and the recoil spring around the barrel, the blowback pistol with a barrel you can take out to clean, and even the part of the frame that reminds me of the doll's head on Hi-Points (that retains the firing pin follower) are features of the design which are interesting to consider while having a good time shooting them. You did good, whichever way you go with restoring and maintaining your new piece.
  8. It’s funny how these pistols just don’t get the attention they deserve. Perhaps it’s that most of them are in .32ACP?? Whatever the caliber -.32 or .380- I think they’re great pistols.
    Amen. JMB was pure genius. Just imagine what he could have done with today’s advanced materials and manufacturing techniques.
    Thanks! :)
  9. missiledefender

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    I'd keep it as it, pretty cool pistol...Bubba'd or not
  10. "Amen. JMB was pure genius. Just imagine what he could have done with today’s advanced materials and manufacturing techniques."

    What kind of advanced hollow-points he could have designed and how he would have had the first patents for polymer frames? Yes, I do like to think "what if..." The greatest weapon produced by the human race was the mind of John Moses Browning.
  11. Every now and then, Swaga speaks words of wisdom ;). Numrich had an eBay auction for the correct barrel and a Gunbroker auction for the correct slide. They also bear Waffenamt proofs, but the parts have been nickeled. Bidding was pitiful so I came away with what I needed for under a hundred. Since the gun had already been reblued the collectable value is pretty well gone anyway; and it looks pretty good as a two-tone!

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