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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by fubar, Jul 23, 2015.

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    First I like what I have read so far on this forum enough that I bought a c9. Shoots good. Question is need a decent holster that clips on a belt. Got a Blackhawk but got slip a belt into it. Need something thats goes off and on easy, no fun putting bunker pants over a holster (volunteer FF). Looking for suggestions, got a road trip coming up by a Cabelas soon.
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    For an extra few bucks you can buy a factory HP holster. Or Alien Gear makes a C9 specific one.

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    Welcome to the forum Fubar!
    Couple of forum vendors sell holsters and we've had many reports of generic Walmart holsters working well, even Airsoft holsters.
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    Reply after long delay

    My c9 is working out nicely. One thing I found out that my old
    Knockoff of a tanker shoulder holster that had works for my c9. I originally had it for birdshead heritage SA so it has a few stitches to the bottom of the holster. The bulldog clip holster is handy, but for driving the 4 wheeler or hay/firewood truck or running the chainsaw the shoulder holster works out better. Plus it reminds me of carrying a 38 that way for Uncle Sugar.
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    I HIGHLY recommend the Fobus paddle. I have several & I really like them.