Foam-filling the 995 (stock) stock

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    Not sure if anyone found this useful on the old forum, but here it is:

    HiPoint Carbine Foam-Filled Stock

    Here is a cheap and quick way to make your HiPoint Carbine stock a little sturdier and less toy-like.

    1 - Disassemble stock
    2 - Put stock in bathtub, cover with warm water, squirt in some Dawn degreasing dish soap, agitate stock and let sit for 30 minutes, then rinse well and let dry.
    3 - Squirt in the expanding foam and let it do its thing.
    4 - Use a new fine-toothed hacksaw blade to cut off excess and use some fine sand paper to clean up edges--making sure not to damage or round-off the edges of the stock.
    5 - Use a black permanent marker around all the edges of the foam to keep the foam from showing through.
    6 - Reassemble stock.

    All this takes maybe 1 1/2 hours not including the soaking and drying time--even less if you are "handy".

    The results are:
    1 - Stock feels much less like a toy.
    2 - Sounds like a quality synthetic stock when thumped or when sling-swivels rattle.
    3 - Just slightly heavier and soaks up recoil better.

    Three potential problems with the foam-filling project:
    1 - The foam chemically reacts with the plastic stock and weakens it.
    2 - The foam separates from the stock. Not really a problem--it's not going anywhere and you could always reattach it with some spray adhesive.
    3 - The two stock halves rub against each other and produce foam dust. You could seal the foam surfaces with something like a spray acrylic.
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    Thats a pretty good tip, mang.