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  1. I dont use a Fobus for my C9, but I use one for the Taurus PT111 Millennium Pro and the wife's Bersa Thunder 380. I really like them and can say of the two I use they have positive retention and an execellent release.

    Some guys on the forum do use the Fobus for the C9, so hopefully they will post some feedback that's a bit more specific to the HiPoint models.



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    As I understand it Fobus style HP2 fits the C9 and 380. I believe they either are planning one for the 40/45 caliber or it is already out. Your best bet is call Fobus and ask them yourself.
    I have the fobus for my C9 it is a nice comfortable holster and fits well I can't use it for work though as required to have a thumb strap and it doesn't have it. It is a very good CCW holster as well
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    I have a fobus for my C9, and one for my P22. I also bougt one for my dad for his P22, but being the lazy sucker that I am, I still haven't sent it to him (I bought it in April) :oops:
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    I carry my p11 and my XD9 in a fobus! They have a hi-point style warranty.. Good folks
  5. Fobus IWB

    I use mine for concealed carry every day. Here where it's warm, I'm usually in a short-sleeve shirt worn outside my pants. I wear my C9 at about 4 o'clock position. No one has told me they noticed.
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    Truth be told, people don't notice when I flat-out open carry. I've walked into my brother's house with my C-9 and Fobus on my hip, glaringly obvious. And in two hours, he never noticed.

    My wife even doesn't notice half the time. I open carried it 3-4 times and she never noticed. One day I ran back in the house to grab it, and she seemed a little nervous that I was going to wear it in public. I told her that I had been wearing it several times with her right there, and she had never noticed. She didn't believe me. ;)
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    I use one with the p99 and love it,,, holds the gun tight but still easy to draw quickly.
  8. Would you recommend it for competition shooting as I seen there is a beginner shooting league around my house I would of course be competing in the stock class :lol:
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    I would try several holsters and see what you're most comfortable with. Paddle holsters might not be the best choice for competition, as their main function is to be quick and easy to put on and take off. You might consider a belt holster for competition. Some competitions have regulations on what holsters are allowed, so it would be a good idea to talk to some competitors in your area, and get their advice in selecting a holster style.
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    I am venturing into the holster bit.
    I had bought a 1911 Fobus and two mag set for $20. I am using that for my CCW class.
  11. i have fobus for my S&W Sigma, and i love it. i'm going pick one up for my C9 at a gun show coming up.

    heres a pic of the fobus for the 45.
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    I think you should go for it cause their popular here on the forum.In the concealed thread on the old forum(where I got raked over the coals for carrying without a holster)quite a few had forbus.I think carrying everyday kinda makes you put some $ into holsters as well as guns.Ive got three or four laying around from kydex to improvised.You just gotta expriment till you find the rig thats good for you the majority of the time.
  13. Can someone please hook me up with a link to where I can get a fobus for my c9 and cf380? If you can please send the link to my mail box on here.
  14. does anybody have one for the .40 pistol that has any feedback that would like to share, I currently have a crossman holster which is a very good holster but it tends to catch, the strap on top gets in the way when reholstering and I don't want to cut it off as it makes for retention, but I know that the Fobus holsters retain without any type of straps...
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    I'm about to get one of these, too. They only specify them for the .45. Aren't the .40 and .45 the same frame?
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    Got mine for $18 off ebay.
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    Holy Gigantic Avatars Batman... errr 40CalGat!