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Discussion in 'CCW & Open Carry' started by Jackpine Savage, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. Jackpine Savage

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    I was just sent the following link. I use a Fobus holster off duty, and will in the woods, but not on the street any more.


    Take Care and Stay Safe.
  2. Ari

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    This is a very old video! It is total bunk...

    1: it has never happened on the street with a fobus holster. ( I called and talked to the owner about this video)

    2: if a guy gets close enough to you to do that it does not matter what you are using you deserve to get your weapon taken. Think about it if you are sneaking up on someone from the back are you going to make a play for his holster or are you going to crack him in the head then take his gun? Also the guy getting his weapon taken will not react like this guy did.

    3: Very few folks can tell what paddle holster they are looking at on someones side from ten feet. So no one is going to say "hey that is a fobus lets go take it"
    4: Fobus after this video and because of it rebuilt their paddles on holsters for that size of gun. (new ones have the red paddles )

    So dont worry about it...

  3. Jackpine Savage

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    Thanks for the info., and the research. My holster is the newer type, though I used to have an old style that I didn't like, it was the roto style and it stuck out away from the body too much. I've been looking for something that didn't hang so low anyway and this was as good an excuse as any to buy a new holster.
  4. Thayldt21

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    I have a fobus for my XD9 and I am going to try this then finish my post.

    Thanx arse wholes in the ground.

    NOW my hand hurts my side kinda hurts. Outcome if you can do that with my holster I will gladly buy you a Happy Meal.

    holster fine hands swore and you can see the dents in mmy palms stilland a red mark on my side.

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    When I finally get the CCW I will carry in a Fobus. But while I'm on duty I have to have a holster with a thumb strap. So that's what i use My fobus fits and works great
  6. I prefer Fobus Paddle holsters for CCW because they keep the gun really close to the body, have positive retention, excellent release and priced so anyone can afford them. I do have a McKinnon leather slide for my 9VE Sigma and it is an excellent holster, but I end up using the Fobus 9x out of 10 when I carry because its easier to put on and take off.

    IF a BG is determined to take your gun, and your are not aware of the situation, I dont this it would matter what holster you are wearing because he will most likely end up with your gun on a surprise attack from the rear. This is one reason I prefer concealed carry instead of open carry.
  7. CaptainAttila

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    I've got one for my P11 and love it.
  8. +1 I carry my P11 in a Fobus at all times.
  9. elguapo

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    Yes, an old vid.
    Even though I bought mine used, I made sure it was the newer one with the red paddle.
  10. Joe Sixpack

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    i dont know if it's a setup or not but thats a very depressing display of quality.

    i just bought a ev2 fobus holster, i've not gotten it yet hopefully before weeks end.

    it is the belt loop version though i sweet enough without the paddle up against my skin and i wanna make sure it's secure.

    i like the design but i wish it was a level 2.. it has no security on it.