FOC does it again Explain this one

Discussion in 'HPFF Comedy' started by Ari, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. Uraijit

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    Luke... I'm your fatha!

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    In california now its mandatory when browsing the web to wear a helmut.Helmut laws suck!
  3. Ari

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  4. elguapo

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    Looks like that kids wearing a monitor for crying out loud...
  5. Thayldt21

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    It's the Bionic woman :D :lol:
  6. Uraijit

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    I'd love a helmet law, if it meant they would also allow for lane sharing. I've got enough brains to know to protect them, so I wear a helmet anyway. Lane sharing, now, THAT would be sweet!
  7. Looks like she had one of those surveillance cameras from Wal-Mart fall on her head. I knew that store was evil. :shock:
  8. prototype 3d setup from toshiba ircc. Obviously completely stupid looking and next to worthless.

    I hear it weighs next to nothing though :lol:
  9. neothespian

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    Ever since the Terminator took office in the State of California, Cyberdine has made it priority number one to re-introduce many of their robots into society via job training, therapy and social outreach programs.

    As this young droid demonstrates, even vicious surveillance droids can find their own place in society in meaningful roles such as air traffic control operators.

    Won't you help us help these poor misunderstood killbots? If so, contact your local Salvation Army....together we can build a safer, more robot-controled California.
  10. vallen

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    We have to disconnect our kids.