Folding Stock mod possibility

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by rd99, Oct 29, 2007.

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    I've got a RamLine folding stock that I used to have on my Marlin Camp 45 (since replaced with a Choate).

    I think it has some possibilities to be cludged onto the sawed-off back end of the HiPoint stock.

    Probably have to fill in the sawed-off end of the HiPoint stock with epoxy or Marine-Tex to have a solid mounting point.

    Any thoughts on this?

    Any ATI upgraders wanna sell me your old stock?

  2. Chef Dennis

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    I posted on this on my thread about adding a folder to the ATL stock. You can add a folding stock to the Stock hi-point but the work involved is more then just filling the hole. You will have to also cut the filling in half and secure it to each stock half on the outside of the stock with a few small screws. yoalso have to pay attention to where you cut the stock off so that you cut it close to one of the original factory screws that hold the stock halves together. The key making sure that the material you add to the stock doesn't come loose with use, hence the need for the screws from the outside through the stock into the added material.

    Once you get all of the above handled then you can go to work on gringing, cutting, drilling the added material to recieve the new foldong stock.

    Another issue is will the folder fold flat against the side of the 995 when folded. I amgoing to do this ona ATI stock, but the 1st floder i was going to use will not fold flat against the side of the stock because of the thickness of the factory stock. So I am looking for another folder.

    I think you can at a minimum get a folder on the 995 factory stock, it just will requirer a bit of work.

    Go for it! Take ALOT of pictures and show that puppy opff when you get done!! :p

  3. +1 on using the stock factory screws.

    I once saw an adapter for 870 shotgun that you could attach a AR style stock.
    I know this is off subject,but there are more possible options with AR stocks.
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    What ever you do check that the folded product is not shorter than what the BATFE allows.
  5. +10000000 on that, don't unknowingly turn yourself into a criminal