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  1. awe4fire

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    does anyone know if there a way to add a folding stock?
  2. 47_MasoN_47

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    Not without some serious mods.

  3. duker_sponk

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    There are some guys who have messed around with the idea with concept photos and some who have even gotten some stock and tried their luck but its pretty hard to do unless you seriously modifty the weapon and have some serious skeelz. :D
  4. Sure. Cut it in half and glue/nail hinges to each side. Voila! Instant folder!

    Seriously, costs more that its worth probably.
  5. Chef Dennis

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    you didn't say if you wanted to add it to the factory stock or the ATI. Adding a folder to the ATI is not a problem, but it does take some work. It would be done the same way Shootest did with the Skeleton stock in this thread:

    You would simply add an adapter for a AR-15 folding stock instead of the tube that shootest used. The adapter threads on the same way as the tube and the stock attaches to the adapter. The adapter is available.

    As to adding a folder to the Factory hi-Point stock, Ie can be done, much in the same was as Bushman is messing with. Again you would need the adapter.
  6. A folding stock would be sweet, but you may run into an Over All Length issue as far as the Feds are concerned. A long gun has to be at least 26" in length when folded, otherwise it would be considered a , NFA or SBR and require a special Fed tax stamp, and state permits if necessary.
  7. Hey rimfirehunter, I was about to ask a question that you answered partially. So the overall length of the rifle has to me 26".... now, I remember hearing that if the Feds want to me real jerks about it, if you can take the collapsible or folding stock off and it will still function, it can be considered a SBR.... is this true?

    I'm asking this question before I take a saw to the back of the stock.