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    I haven't seen this link posted here before

    This site has quite a bit of information about "Old Slabsides"
    I have 2 currently but drool on them every time I pop into my "candy store"
    One of the pages speaks about "Machine Gun Kelly" who was in Alcatraz at the same time as my 2nd cousin. He was number 46, one of the first civilian prisoners brought to the island.
    It is amazing what can happen if you google your own name!!!

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    nice site. guy has some great info on a great gun

  3. I've been to the site before but forgot about it.

  4. cool, had it bookmarked once upon a time, this time will google book mark it and have it for good.
  5. That's a cool site. I wasn't a big fan of 1911 till I got my latest toy and now carry it. With the price of ammo doing what it is, not sure I'll have a full size any time soon. But golly, they are growing on me.