For all of the clip vs mag purists here

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  1. Guys I thought of you when a purist on another board posted it. Now, instead of browbeating some poor sucker for breaking your rule, just post this and nuff said :p


    Umm, unless you actually ENJOY browbeating people over little things like this, ......... Now I gotta give the other people a pic of their own to defend theirselves with...... sheesh this is getting complicated! :shock:


  2. Watch out or we'll have to hit you with our mags, um, clips, eh, mags, ah, clips, I mean mags, or is it clips? Yeah, it's mags, no it's clips, no it's the thingy that hold those whachamacallits to shoot out of the gun-like doodad.


  3. Strangerous

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    I have no idea who this thread was directed twards, but this man would like to tell you how it is.
    Very educational to the ignorant. :lol:
  4. Ignorant is such a harsh word isn't it?

    I am sure we are all guilty of being ignorant about something. I prefer the words mistaken or uninformed much better.

    The brain surgeon is not ignorant because he cannot change the brakes on his car is he? By the same example, the auto mechanic is not ignorant because he cannot perform brain surgery....... don't you agree?

    People using words like ignorant are what upset people and usually end up in peeing contests between two or several posters.

    This post is not directed at anyone, its a take it how you want to post :)

    Maybe people will try to see the other guys side and we can all learn something?

    BTW, thanks for the link, that was very informative!
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    Well, yes. The brain surgeon who can't work on his car is ignorant.

    - adjective: lacking information or knowledge
    - adjective: ignorant of the fundamentals of a given art or branch of knowledge

    My guess is that you've been brainwashed by the "feel good Nazi's" into believing that any descriptor that is in the least bit uncomfortable is also politically incorrect.

    The good doctor may be the most highly qualified brain surgeon on earth with an IQ of 175, but if he can't repair his car he is certainly "lacking information or knowledge" in how to do so, and is therefore "ignorant of the fundamentals of a given art or branch of knowledge", that branch of knowledge being automotive repair.

    Being ignorant of something is not a sin. Everyone is ignorant about something. I know very little about handguns at this time. I am ignorant. But although I'll never be an expert, I'm able to learn and am doing so by reading information posted by knowledgable people like you during the week and experiencing on the weekends.

    The word you have ignorant confused with is stupid. A stupid person can't, or doesn't want to learn. Stupid hurts, or at least it should. And I don't think that word was used.

    No brow beating, just facts. Have a great day.
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    I'm pretty excited, just got a bunch of stripper-mags for my SKS :)

  7. Cool! Are they the standard ones that only hold 10 'bullets' or are they extended so they can hold more?

  8. You are very wrong about my personalty, I try hard not to say anything to a man on the internet that insults them because I do not want to take away their opportunity to slap the hell out of me if they take issue with what I have to say.

    If I call someone an ignorant SOB its because I think they are dumber than dog doo doo. And I will do so to their face, don't doubt that for a second.

    On the net, its a different matter. People that talk crap to someone over a computer screen knowing that there is nothing the other person can do about it are as low as it goes in my book.

    No feel good Nazi here, just a ignorant red neck with more manners than a lot of people.

    Comprende? :)
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    Well, ya see, that's one more thing we have in common. We're both by our own admission ignorant rednecks. Sorry if I came off heavy handed, but the whole political correctness with words thing has me more than a little PO'd. And as we both know, words mean things. Hence the thread about clips versus magazines.

    Like the person who lost their job a year or so ago (it was in the news) for using the word snigger. They got in trouble just because it sounded like... Well, you know.

    Have a great evening.
  10. No offense taken, no problems there hobo. You have your right to say your piece just as I do mine. I respect that.

    I am really liberal on the mag vs clip issue, I will admit, I have bigger battles to fight. It has driven people crazy for years and probably will for years more

    Like I said, if you heard me talk in person, you would probably think I was nuts, cause thats where the gloves are off, and nobody is gonna tell me I cant say a word because its not nice LOL If I don't say it, its by my choice, not society's. ;)
  11. At some point in time people will come to realize that certain words or phrases adapt to mean more than one thing. Local color, as some call it, can expand somethings meaning and sometimes that definition can be added to Websters to make it "official". For those that want to make a fight out of the clip/magazine issue I only wish you additional time in your life to make up for that wasted on such a trivial issue. Even major firearms companies have begun using both terms for the same component.

    That said I have come to prefer the term magazine as it sounds kind of cool to me. But local color around here is to call the little device a "clip". Always has been and most likely always will be. Does that make everyone ignorant? Not by the common use of the word ignorant. As pointed out above the term ignorant isn't really a negative. But we all know that the vast majority of people that call someone else "ignorant" do so with the intent to belittle the offender and do so most times behind the persons back. That shows that indeed words have a way of changing what they mean, or the effect they have, within certain cultures.

    All that BS said, cool post. I am positive more people would be willing to use the correct term in this instance if they were kindly shown the difference instead of snidely told they are using the wrong one. Good find waltham41. :)
  12. Thank you wildman, that was kind of what I was shooting for ;)

    If nothing else, in my time in the military I learned that you can tell someone to go straight to hell, and if you tell them with tact, they will look forward to the trip. :)
  13. lol I love it. Every gun site I ever go on there is always the gun vs clip debate.
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    tissue/kleenex. bullet/round. weapon/gun. pancake/flapjack. bag/sack/poke. fishing pole/ fishing rod.
    All it really boils down to: did I understand what you meant
    God bless symantics
  15. Ft Hood Tx, I pity you.

    I spent a year there in the 2nd Armored Division and wasnt too impressed.

    Went from Germany where if your engine pack blew in your tank they had a replacement engine in 24 hrs to Ft Hood where there were 2 tanks in my platoon that never moved the whole year I was there. Damm shame.
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    Mag/Clip who cares?

    About a week ago I told my g/f "toss me that gun magazine on the shelf next to you" I turn away expecting my copy of shooting times to land on the couch next to me and instead get blindsided by a 12rnd Keltec mag.

    her defense: "you said magazine. And that's a magazine not a clip remember?"

    I had to give her points for that. :oops:
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    Mag/Clip, It's not an attack on anyone.

    Society (yes, our society) has deemed the law-abiding firearm owners are nothing more than ignorant rednecks.(does not matter if you live in Georgia or Maine) It is a stereotype that I will not take a back seat to. As a courtesy to my fellow, shall i say "newcomers" to the ownership of firearms, I will tell him/her the difference in these types of things. I do it to fight the oppression on US. I do it to detest the stereotype for US. I do it because I LOVE this hobby, this sport, this pastime, this obsession.

    Now, you can make all the one-liner jokes you want. Call me anal retentive if you like, but friends... I'm just looking out for OUR best interests.

    If you don't like it: /flame on
  18. Political Correctness is stealth dictatorship. Hitler used it, Mussolini used it, Stalin used it, Mao used it, Castro is using it, Muslim extremists are using it, and Liberals in the USA are using it.