For all of you Mosin collectors

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  1. bamaboy06

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    For all of you Mosin collectors with a class 3 license,Centerfire Systems is running a special on some M44 Mosin Nagants.They are not arsenally refinished and may have a crack here and there but for the price you can't really complain.
  2. Sounds like a good deal.

  3. Uraijit

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    Doesn't require a Class III license. C&R is adequate, or you can do a FFL transfer. Easy as pie.
  5. I would love to have 10 of them :shock:
  6. Man! What a good deal. I just got my application for a C&R last week. That picture of the M44 is nice. Is it real or Photo chopped? Either way it sure looks nice. :shock:
  7. Seems like a good deal at first. I can buy the M44 from Dunhams at their sale price that ranges from $79-$99. Figuring one of these at $49, plus what, $30 to ship and $20 to FFL, in that ball park anyhow. For a single rifle I'd be money ahead to buy an arsenal refinished unit. Now if a guy buys 5 or more then things may change. But the question is just how bad are some of these battlefield collections?
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    My FFL charges $25 per year for unlimited transfers. This was a no-brainer for me. I ordered 2. Our local AK build group did a group purchase (to save on shipping) ordered up 10 of 'em. I wish they were all for me...
  9. Certainly buying by the quantity this is an excellent deal. I'm curious as to the actual condition of these rifles you'll get. Keep us posted. :)
  10. He meant 03 license I'm sure... :roll:
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    Yes i meant C&R license.I figured i would put mine to good use and get a couple of these.I am trying to get some friends of mine to go in with me so i can order 5 of them and get the discount.If someone has ordered some of these would you please post the actual condition of the rifle.I have ordered from CenterfireSystems before so i think that the rifle's should be in decent shape.
  12. I still have me aplication for my C&R in my closet. I was gonna get it, but then I started college, and decided I am gonna be poor for about 5 to 6 years. So I didn't fill it out and get it.
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    I had my C&R application sitting on the coffee table since Nov. I finally mailed it out earlier this week. I took copy 2 to the local police department and they looked at me like I had just handed them a test. They had no idea what to do with it. I told them I didn't either, but it says in the instructions to give copy 2 to the CLEO, and I left. LOL