For all the Jack Daniel's fans out there: A Sad Day indeed

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    I say we all volunteer to go down there and participate in the "pouring out". It might take a few hours to process internally before being finally "poured" into the toilet. But wahooooo what a party it would be.

  2. Isn't there some way we can charge those people with treason for attempting to pour that much good JD down a DRAIN!?!?!?! :shock: :evil:
  3. z71silverado98

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    At least donate it to the homeless :wink:
  4. What I don't understand is why they would just destroy anything like that. At the very least they could put it all up for auction and have the money all go to charity.
  5. Charity hell, I accept charitable donations!!!!
  6. Ridge

    Ridge Member doesnt make sense when agencies get all this stuff people would gladly buy off them and instead they just destroy it...costs money to destroy stuff that instead could be made by selling it...
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    i read an artical on this, and it said some would be acutioned off. but only for the collectable bottles i think. they said a good protion of the wisky could be bad after this time. (i know aged is good, but SOME were not aged correctly after leaving the distellery.)

    still very sad. i think i will go take some shots in the memory off the departed wisky!
  8. Yeah, my girl will be out for the night watching movies with one of her friends, so I'm thinking a little JD and Coke is called for tonight after reading that story :)
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    That's insane, that whiskey and the bottles are collectables.Like fine art they should be saved, not destroyed...
  10. We are talking about a government agency here folks. Of course it doesn't make sense. It rarely does when it comes to the government.
    Government officials have had a long standing policy of not wanting to muddle things up with such silly notions of logic, facts and good old common sense.
    The stuff should be auctioned off. The money donated to charity.
  11. wow thats just messed up.
  12. distilled spirits do not age after they are out of the barrel, not really any such thing as bottle aging. It is possible there may be some evaperation from a poor seal but that amount would be negligible. As for improper aging the worst that it would happen is it would taste like moonshine.
    I doubt Jack Daniels has any issues with improper aging of spirits at their distillery.

    Personally I have had bourbon that is opened and only has a pour spout in the neck sit for years and the spirits are still just fine as they were the day it was opened.

    If you all think some gun laws are draconian the ABC laws in most states are even more so. Hence the dumping of this contraband

    And not to worry about the wiskey being dumped. Last I heard there is no shortage of Jack anywhere. And the amount they are dumping is a drop in the bucket compared to what the barrel houses and warehouses hold.
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    While I can see the historic significance of some of this liquor, I think it's sad that anybody even cares about a little bit of whiskey... Aren't there more worthwhile causes to take up? Whiskey hardly seems like a worthy cause for anybody besides homeless people...
  14. I don't think any of us are losing large amounts of sleep over this, but it does seem like an awful waste still.
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    Hmmm. See, cause to me, getting drunk seems like a bigger waste. :roll:

    To each his own though, I won't try to tell you that you can't drink, but I still think it's a bigger, more shameful waste... Alcohol doesn't really have any practical use, so getting rid of it just doesn't come off as that big a waste to me...

    Maltov (sp?) cocktails anyone? :wink:
  16. Actually, there have been various medical studies to show that the occasional drink can actually be a healthy thing, it's simply something that needs to be done in moderation :)

    But really where I see the waste is the fact that there are a lot of people who would pay good money for that whisky, so the way I see it the local government there is basically pouring money down the drain.
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    If that's your basis for waste, you'd REALLY hate to see what they do to heroin and weed... :)
  18. Well, given that I think both of those should be legalized, yeah :) Though I think there is a larger market for the JD, but I could be wrong ;)