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  1. EDIT EDIT - First actual patch proof is in. Here it is. We're going to get the background color checked out(not sure if its real OD or a fakie shade), and the text looks a bit off. We're going to fix that as well.

    What would you say to a BDU patch(probably subdued) with "Zombie extermination squad" in a banner and a zombified skull? Thats the basic idea anyway. A friend of mine is looking at getting a batch made up if there are enough people who would be willing to preorder. Cost drops DRASTICALLY going from a dozen to 50 patches, so volume is good.

    Edit: Here is the 2nd rendition from the patch company. We asked them to work on the blood, remove the white, clean up the banners, and basically give some dimensionality to the skull. Here is the result.


    Comments on this version?
  2. That sounds pretty sweet actually :) Will we get any sort of preview pic before hand? And what's the rough estimate on the cost?

  3. Sounds good to me as well. Do you have any concept art yet?
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    I am a Zombie Geek. So yet another interested party.
  5. sweet, glad to see a good response so quickly. My friend who came up with the idea only has good ole MS Paint so his rough sketch is horrid. He has sent it in to the company to get a real artists depiction :lol: It will be available when we get it. Note sure on exact size yet, but it will be pretty standard. They will be plastic back(ie: stitch on), but you can of course quickly add vellcro to it.

    Assuming we can get close enough to 50 patch orders, price should be in the 7-10 dollar range per patch shipped, possible discount for buying several. We shall see!

    As of now the design has an upper banner with "Zombie extermination squad", a zombified skull wearing a beret, and crossed shotguns. As well as a bottom scroll(tentative) with a makeshift unit number.
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    I'm in for a couple.

  7. sweet.

    Plan is for the patches to be 3" X3" shields.
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    What happened to that one gameplay that included zombies? Halo3, I think? That was really funny...."A zombie plan? No...I got 35! One that includes your sweet flesh as part of my plans..."
  10. Sounds cool. Would love to see a concept image
  11. I'm in for three. I like the ZOCU (Zombie Outbreak Control Unit) T-shirts. Gotta get me one of those, too.

  12. ^ i've always loved that poster.
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    Put me down!
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    Sign me up for a couple. :D
  15. Just talking at this point, as we are still waiting on the sketches.

    However, if you guys are willing to put half down or something similar(>250 is a lot for us to invest without knowing if we can get a return) we are well on our way to being able to make an order for 50 patches.
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    Be sure to post some concept art. I would be willing to put a deposit down and I am sure others would too.
  17. Hell, looks as if you'll sell 50 patches on the Forum alone... better call for a bigger order bud.