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  1. me and the guys at work were all recently descussing the preferred setup of loads that we would like to have in our shottys just incase some lowlife decided that he wanted to aquire your belongings by means other than legal purchase, so we started talking about the flechette rounds that were experimental back in vietnam, and one thing led to another and we came across this website
    you guys should check it out the "Road Blocker" is my favorite
  2. I would love to check out a couple of rounds of the fireball ammo, but as far as home defense, anything other than "regular" ammo leaves you open for being sued in my opinion.

    I have a 10 rd mag in my Saiga 12 gauge, and I start out with 4 00 buck shells in a row and then alternate between 00 buck and slugs the rest of the way.

    I wonder if the fireball ammo would hurt the chrome lining in the barrel? Ripping off 10 of those at night would be awesome :)

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    actually those flare rounds look like they could be handy, did'nt even know there was such a thing for shotguns.
  4. Some of those rounds are nothing more than a waste of money and the only ones worth buying would be the flare rounds for emergency signaling, or perhaps the bead bag rounds for tending to dogs.

    The flechette rounds came out during the Vietnam war in an effort to improve probability of hits in the dense jungle environment our troops were operating in. Actual field use of the flechette rounds was not satisfactory when it came to stopping an enemy combatant, so the powers that be pulled the flechette rounds from service. The flechettes would often penetrate the target, but the wound channel was so small it would not stop the enemy soldier, instead they would continue their attack and die later from internal bleeding. Some times the flechettes would not even penetrate the skin but would be found in clothing, web gear and the small communist pamphlets carried by all NVA and Viet Cong soldiers.

    Pepper gas rounds are rather useless because they contain very little gas and it gets dispersed in a vapor mist instead of a steady stream. You are better off using one of the hand held pepper spray canisters being sold everywhere these days.

    If you are just looking for rounds to have fun with at the range thats one thing, but none of those rounds should be considered for serious self defense use. Its really hard to beat good old fashion buck shot when it comes to a self defense shotgun.
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    I wouldn't mind having some buck and ball rounds... :)
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    +1 for RimfireHunter. Most of these rounds aren't practical. The cool factor is there but I keep my 12 gauge loaded with 00 buck for home defense purposes.
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    flechette make lots of small holes but dont pack much of a punch. buck and ball is a good load though. i make it myself with lee round balls i mold myself and hornady buckshot.