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Do you like the Ghost Ring or Three-Point sight better?

For HiPoint Pistols: Ghost ring or three dot site?

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I'm torn between the three-point and ghost ring. :? I have great accuracy at any distance with both, so that's not the issue. It's easier and faster to sight up the ghost. The three-point is easier to use in low light. I like the way they both look, not an issue there either. The three-point fits smoother into my holster, but the ghost fits with a tiniest little bit of help. Holster isn't an issue. So I wanted to see what ya'll thought too. 8)
Please answer the poll. Let me know your thoughts, experiences, ideas, and know-how.
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I tried the ghost ring sight, and it isnt that I didnt like it, but that I like the traditional sights better. Flip of a coin here, sorry not to be of any help. Voted 3 point
three points seems like it will last longer on the gun, and i think its better for low light aiming.
three point is more natural for a pistol at arms length. the eye naturally tries to align things of that nature. Now on a carbine the eye naturaly treis to center things that are close to it, ala the peep sight.

Agree 100% with the carbine and the peep site. I took my carbine to the range today and destroyed at 25 meters and grouped well at 50. Must say I've never shot a pistol with the peep site. Unless I had a scope on the carbine I would not change the site set-up.
ghost ring sight all the way. i hit 3-5 inches with my c9 in 30ft, with ghost sight. but for some reason i swap on the 3 dots sight i sometime even miss my target in 20ft. i try get myself use to 3 dots sight because most other firearms use them but i just can't seem to get a grip with it. i have no problem with glocks sight(the stuck not the night sight), but 3 dots sight just not for me.
Ive tired the ghost ring when I frist got my JCP but I swtiched it back to the three point becuse I could sight quicker and more natural. Ive also seen with the three point sight I can see it better in low light. All I can really say is to each there own
I have tried both and prefer the 3pt sight. For me it is easier,quicker and smoother to sight with.
I always thought ghost rings belonged on a rifle, not a pistol, because a pistol is farther out in front of you than a rifle sight.
I only got eight people?!?! My post just kinda spasmed and died. Anyone else wanna weigh in, please?
I prefer ghost ring sights over 3dot on the C9, mainly because i now have the presence of light to work with in nearly 360 degrees around the front sight. This means it's easier to judge where my sight picture is in both the X and Y axis. I plan on shooting at the range, or home defense, and know the ambient lighting in my home provide enough light for me to "draw a bead" Better for me, Your mileage may vary.

Not too many people have really used both sights... Or just really like their traditional 3 dot. Most folks see ghost rings and peep sights on rifles, and it's a common thing for a rifle to have, not so common is seeing ghost rings on pistols, but they are an option to consider.

What makes this forum great is that information here is largely(if not all) based on experience and knowledge. With that said, I'm sure if any fellow members have had experiences with both, they'd weigh in on it, because that's what they do. I was going to wait until i swapped rear sights on my C9, but I just remembered what shooting RFH's C9 was like and it came to me why i liked the ghost rings better.

Quit making me think so hard Broomhead! :lol:
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I prefer the ghost ring, it works better for me.

I'd say change 'em out and see what you like the best.
i did switch back to 3 dot sight after 400+ rounds, swap back the ghost sight.
For my poor old eyes, the ghost ring is easier to sight. It helps greatly with the horizontal accuracy.

I'm thinking about putting a bit of bright paint on the points inside the ring to help with low-light.
I'm thinking about putting a bit of bright paint on the points inside the ring to help with low-light.
Now there's a thought, I will look into doing this myself. Now are you going to go and buy some yellow fingernail polish, or are you gonna borrow some from the Mrs? I'm going to have to buy some at the store... If I'm gonna have to buy it, i want glow-in-the-dark.
Well, after putting the ghosty back on and hitting the range tonight with my dad, I have decided to keep it. I love it. The range we shoot at has medium to high light and it worked great. At other times, though, it has been low light and it still worked good. I'm gonna experiment with something to highlight the points like sbroomheadsr also. I was trying to shoot with my gun at arms length basically 'from the hip' and at 3 and 7 yrds. I can get all my rounds inside a silhouette target. With that I'm not to worried about drawing a 100% accurate bead on a perpetrator. However, I was also practicing for my ccw class next Wednesday, and I made all fifty rounds inside the silhouette; 12rds at 3 yrds, 12 rds at 7 yrds, and 26rds at 15 yrds! 8)
Ghost is quicker. For target shooting, use the dots.
After 100 rnds i switched to the ghost rings on both the 9mm and 45 and never switched back. More comfortable with the goast rings. Was also thinking of just a dab of glow in the dark paint on the tips.
I had the opposite effects I shot about 100 rounds with the ghost sights and about 100 with the three dot and everything seems more natural and quicker to me with the three dot.

For those of you whose thinking about using nail polish can I suggest using white for the back and yellow for the front. I did that with my JCP and that yellow front sight stands out like a sore thumb aganst that white.
Now are you going to go and buy some yellow fingernail polish, or are you gonna borrow some from the Mrs?
No, but my 4 year old granddaughter has some bright yellow polish! I may have to do her nails to be able to use some, tho'.
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