For Leftys

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  1. I would definitely love a left handed carbine. It kind of sucks went you have hot brass flying your way
  2. Ridge

    Ridge Member

    I imagine you could use a brass catcher or cartridge deflector in the meantime...

  3. I've never had a problem with mine except for the occasional burnt powder spray.... Other than that, it's manageable.
  4. Scriz

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    I once got burned on the nose with a spent cartridge shooting an M4. Wasn't the most pleasant feeling.
  5. Im odd I guess. Im left handed. I shoot pistols left handed but I shoot rifles right handed.
  6. Huggy

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    Never had a problem as a lefty, but a small brass catcher is a nice touch.
  7. doktor

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    Try a military M-14, or even more distracting, a right-handed flintlock, took basic with an M-14, and an M-16, 16 wasn't near as bad. I never had a brass deflector, but it sounds like it would be a great idea.
    The flintlock will really give you a new respect for the early settlers that had to fire them things as a left-hander!!!!

  8. Montrose480

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    My Best friend shot my 4095 today and he is a Righty that shoot left. the only thing he did not like was the eject button sitting under his trigger finger.
  9. You are not alone, I shoot pistols right handed and rifles left handed

    I can shoot a rifle right handed if need be, but cannot shoot a pistol left handed worth a darn
  10. Stan9106

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    Already have a lefty Stag AR-15.:D Love my 995 now, but would buy a lefty 995, 4095, or 4594 in a heartbeat!