For Sale: Hillside Strangler's Gun & Gear...Ugh!

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    I have the misfortune of having a '68 Black and Gold GTO, with the name "NightStalker" in pinstripe on the decklid. I was informed of the association, and when I washed it, I sorta scrubbed that off of the trunk lid. Whoops.

    Yeah, that car had history, with Supercharged 454/4 speed 4.11 12bolt posi. I got it sans engine or trans, but with a complete 455/4speed along with it.

  3. Some people will collect anything. But, this auction is just offering some stuff he owned, not something used in the crimes. He worked as a security guard and was arrested on the job. His girlfriend ended up with it and she pawned it at the time for what anyone would have gotten.

    While I'd have no problem owning it, I'd only pay what it's worth as a shooter--objects don't have karma, and this has no particular historical significance.

    It will be interesting to see what this actually bringsl.
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    Richard Ramirez reference or tongue-in-cheek comment on John Forces' first dragster (which was a flop called "Night Stalker")