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  1. Freshwater pearls 18'' necklace and set of earrings... earrings have 3 pearls on each.

    Long story, but they gotta go. I paid almost $500.00 for the set, but am open to trades/best offer.

    If anyone wants the story behind it, I'll tell, as long as it doesn't affect the sale/trade.

    I prefer a FTF, but not limited to such.



  2. Oh, and BTW, I am not asking $500.00 for these items. I will consider a trade for a 4095 or a pistol or something. Just make me an offer and we'll see what we can do.

  3. You got some black pumps and a nice handbag to go with them ;-)
  4. Just remember, when you get all dressed up to go out:

  5. Don't forget the Ferrari red lipstick
  6. You got one heck of a wife if she will let you trade off jewelry for guns. I would not even try to go there with mine.

    Hats off to ya.
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    Someone gave Primal a pearl necklace. Uh huh uh huh. :p:)
  9. Alright, in order to curb some of the unappreciated teasing, let me tell you the story.

    14 years ago, I had a girlfriend who I thought was "the One".... Regardless of what happened, she turned out to NOT be "the One" for whatever reason. I bought her this set of earrings and necklace for her Graduation from High School gift. As it turned out, we dated for another 2 years I think, and when we broke up, she returned the jewlery, along with just about everything else I'd ever given her.... all my letters, the jewlery, notes etc. EVERYTHING came back to me. Me being the love sick individual I was at the time, I boxed all that stuff up and sent it to my Sister who lives in Minnesota. I couldn't let go of certain things, as my heart was a gaping hole in my chest, and I wanted to keep some stuff to reflect on at a later date.

    Fast forward about 14 years, my Sister rented out her house when she moved in with her boyfriend. She still had this box that I'd sent her years before, and decided to send it back to me. Funnily enough, she forgot to tell me that it was coming. I didn't even remember that she had the damn thing in the first place, after 14 years, I figured it was gone, all of it.

    Well, when my wife comes home, here's this box from my sister. My wife got excited and wanted to see what my Sister had sent me and here is all this stuff from basically a past life, a part of me that doesn't exist anymore. Yep, you guessed it, she went through ALL of it. She read all the letters, both the ex-girlfriends and mine, read all my old journals, all 4 of them, went through all the pictures and all that other crap and finally came to the jewlery.

    Needless to say, this damn box almost ruined my marriage, and yet my wife doesn't think that she did anything wrong. Even though all of that happened years ago, I still think my wife had no right to go through my stuff so insensitively. It was MY stuff, and I should have been allowed to dispose of it as I saw fit rather than have her stand over me, demanding an explination of what I did with my life almost 12 years prior to meeting her. I basically told my wife that I didn't owe her shat for an explination and never would give her one, regardless of how long we were married it was none of her effin business and I was extremely pissed off that she had the gall to go through MY stuff like that.

    I have since burned the box with all the other contents of the box going up in smoke and ash. I just need to get effin' rid of the damn jewlery. To me, trading these items for a gun will be therapudic. I can use the gun to shoot at targets that I can mentally imagine to be whatever makes me happy to see gone.

    Some people go to therapy with a "medical professional"... Me? I go to the shooting range. Hell of a lot cheaper that way.
  10. Also, one more thing.

    I know how we all like to tease, give each other a hard time sometimes. That's all fine and good, however, this thread is NOT one of those times. Thanks for understanding.
  11. Ouch..... Leaving this one alone. Sorry for your pain Primal.
  12. We're with ya dude. Good luck on turning this one around.
  13. Well, you did nothing wrong, but two other things are out of kilter:

    First your sister should have told you what was coming (assuming that she knew the personal nature of the contents) or, even better, asked if you wanted it. Had you had the opportunity to say "send the jewelry and burn the rest" all would have been well.

    And, in addition, your wife screwed up twice: first, when she opened your mail, and second, when she blamed you for a previous life that's been long gone. She should be grateful that you moved on and found her. Sheesh.

    Good luck, and we all hope this blows over. Sorry I don't have anything to trade, but someone will come up with something.
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    PM Sent. Forgot to ask what kind of necklace the pearls are connected with, what precious metal is used on the clasp, and are the earring's spikes real gold/silver? It all needs to be real... Momma can't wear fake stuff. ;)
  15. As far as I know and remember, they are 24 karat gold studs and clasp. I don't have any of the paperwork anymore so I am not 100% for sure.
  16. Pm sent and sorry about all this. Good luck with everything.
  17. Good luck... and is there a pawn shop anywhere near ya? You walk in with those and say you'll swap 'em for a firearm, you should be walking out of there in a minute or two with a pretty fine piece :).
  18. Hope im not butting in where not wanted Primal, but if you look at the earrings and the clasp for the pear necklace, if it says 24K its solid gold, but if it says 24k E or HGE that means its electroplated or heavy gold electroplated.

    Then there is silver plated with gold, and I cannot remember how that is marked.

    Hope this helps.
  19. Bumpity Bump Bump Bump....

    Someones GOTTA have a significant other that needs this stuff, say for Mother's Day?