For the HPFF members who live near Stillwater, OK

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  1. Since Oklahoma is going into freezing rain tonight through Tues. I have fired up my NOAA weather radio from Stillwater and it is being broadcasted here
    Just mouse down to;
    "OK Stillwater WNG654 162.5 Listen URL 1 Listen." Click on listen
    This will be up 24/7 until the freeze is over.

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    Good post. Thanks! I saved it in my favorites covers the whole country which is nice as I have relatives in Maine and Texas

  3. Hit over 70 here today in some freak warm spell. Come on over, I got plenty of room.
  4. pills

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    are you on ok shooters?
  5. Yes, I'm on OK Shooters too.
  6. thanks man!

    I live right on the very edge of the cold air mass thats blanketed you guys. The line for the warm and cold is almost directly over us. So were stuck with no slick roads/snow day, nor nice warm weather...just a cold lousy rain. :(

  7. Good luck to you guys in the freeze zone! Thanks for the site link, have the main site bookmarked along with one of the local stations in my area.

  8. Just read a story about the storm. 14 dead, 500,000+ without power. The freezing precipitation/cold snap is supposed to continue thru midweek, too.

    Take care those of you who are affected. Stay safe.
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    Power went off @ 0600 cst. Came back on for now @ 2100 cst.

    Well water is great for no water bill. Sucks when power goes out. Been collecting rain water so that we could flush toilets. More stuff coming....
  10. Front of my house.
    I think I'll need a chipper/shredder. Anyone have one I can barrow?
  11. Dang, dude! I remember an ice storm here back in the 90's...they are NASTY!

    However, ice covered trees do look pretty cool, provided they are still in their natural, upright positions...
  12. nicadflyer

    I got a big arse chipper have it left over from the landscape days doesnt do you much good though it is here in michigan :( anyways i Hope you have insurance please tell us you do!!??