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Discussion in 'Vintage Topic Archive (Sept - 2009)' started by pills, Dec 1, 2007.

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  1. pills

    pills Guest

    There was nothing inappropriate about either of those websites I posted. Another rogue moderator deleted and locked them for no reason. ARI can back me up on this there was nothing inappropriate at all.

    Maybe it is time I take my self imposed leave again and make it more than temporary.

    :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
  2. Ok, then send me the links via PM and I'll check them myself.

  3. pills

    pills Guest

    PM sent. Enjoy.
  4. 1inthechamber

    1inthechamber Member

    Don't bother, you'll just end up having to reset your computer.

    I simply asked what they were in a PM, why bring it out in the open? If they were OK and approved by the admins, I would have asked for those links so I can repost them in the appropriate thread posted by Pills.

    Now that you want everyone to know, now they do.
  5. What the hell is up with those badgers?

    The second one is ok, it's just a joke. That one's been bouncing around the network at work the last few weeks... Both links are harmless and threads will be unlocked. Pills just edit your posts and repost the links.
  6. pills

    pills Guest

    You will not have to reset your computer. If it locked your PC up maybe there is a 12 yr old kid in your neighborhood who can fix it for you.

    the reason I brought it out into the open is because when you locked the thread you deleted the link as if it was something inappropriate or obscene. If you would have looked at the links you would know they were not. Unless you find badgers offensive.
  7. After several people complaining of lots of pop ups and and browser freezing, they deserve to be deleted. Get the burr out from under your saddle and relax Pills and stop with the "rogue mod" junk. There's no conspiracy to silence you. None of us are rogue, we just don't have to ask for permission to delete stuff that is causing problems with other members. That is, after all, our job isn't it?
  8. pills

    pills Guest

    tell primal to lock them back if they needed to be deleted. they were harmless links.
  9. Ari

    Ari Guest

    I am on a MAC mal ware does not touch me. I am not scared as others would be as pops and malware does not hurt me. But the fact is that folks need to let the mods and admins do their jobs regardless on how they feel about the calls that are made. This is one of the best gun websights on internet. And the mods and Admins are working hard to keep it this way. If they make a call you don't like stand up and take it like man, and know that there is nothing personal that the mods and admins are working hard to keep it nice around here. We are not always going to make calls that everyone likes but we are trying. So cut us some slack..
  10. No needs for insulting another members computer, name calling, whining about decisions, and what I can only assume to be a stab at a witty bugger jab.
  11. 1inthechamber

    1inthechamber Member

    I can honestly tell everyone that I do not locked or delete threads often. Since we've been on this new board, I've only locked maybe half a dozen threads and deleted a couple, all due to spamming.

    If they were harmless, that's fine, make it known in the post. All I saw were links and nothing else.
  12. All of you STOP IT RIGHT NOW!

    Jesus, people! Take a deep breath and let it out slowly....

    Feel better?

    Sheesh... :roll:
  13. pills

    pills Guest


    I am a mod on a forum as well. People post stuff that makes my blood boil but since it doesnt violate the rulez it stays. The problem I continue to have and others as well is the unwritten rule of it "I" don't like it I get to delete it without saying I did it or why. If you look at the threads that were deleted there is no indication of who performed the action and why.

    and yes I am retarded. :)
  14. **BREATH**....nope.... still think the same things about the same people. Ohwell. Cigarettes always work better anyways.
  15. pills

    pills Guest

    don't worry buddy. My opinion hasn't changed either. Too long of dealing with the same folks for it to change that quick.
  16. pills

    pills Guest

    For the record: I apologize for the booger hook comment. It was inappropriate and believe it or not out of character.

    That is all. Carry on as you were.
  17. Well, I guess that's a wrap.

    We're going to let this one fade into HPFF history.
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