For the XD me!!!

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  1. New for 2008, these combinations are specific to the 4" and Compact .45's Also a 4" service model with external safety is available...only real new addition to the other calibers is the dark earth frame w/ black slide...they also have a new .40s/w EMP!!!! :D
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    They sure are purdy,

    I don't much care for the thumb saftey.

    Just more parts to go wrong and well IMHO are not the two enough.

    How many safety's do we need.

    I say one. and it resides between my ears. The other two are just redundancies.

    I am more than sure that if given the opertunity with the available funds I would buy one of them and then brag about it. :p

    Sexy BLEEPS they are.

  3. OK what the devil is EMP? I've seen several guns marked that but with no explanation.
  4. Thayldt21

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    Enhanced Micro Pistol

    They made it smaller
  5. Ahh, thank you.

    Crap, now I want one.
  6. Thay - if I understand your post, the XD has no thumb safety as shown in the pic, that's the slide lock (where your thumb would rest when holding the gun).

    The EMP is a smaller 1911 design pistola - articles can be found on the web and it's supposed to be the cat's meow of small 1911's. A pic can be found here:


    And an actual sample of the gun can be found in my safe in my office!! [ yes, I know....... I suck. It was my wife's Xmas gift to me - she said I was a good boy ]
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    Thumb safety? What thumb safety?? The controls on the frame are a Slide Release and a Takedown Lever.
  8. Got ya covered Thay...
    The thumb safety is for the evil black .45 4" model only...for now according to springfield...and is was designed for a "safer" +1 in the chamber...and is geared towards law enforcement...which should give SA a good chance at some LE contracts...the new M&P .45's also come with a thumb safety 8)
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    Thank you SAMPO I was in bed and unable to enlighten these under rock living yuppies. :p :)

    I J/K

    Any way you can find out all about it at the springfield armory or head over to XD talk.

    So Now hipoint.nut and newskate both ow me a COOKIE For doubting me.

    :p :)

    I take oreo's
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    Yep, I’m like a Crazy Ninja Bowling Ball. Yah a CNBB.
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    Yes the ones in the pic do not have the thumb safety. I was refering to the models that do. That is why the ones in the pic were sexy BLEEPS.

    I expect double stuffed, Vacume sealed so it doesn't lose its Yummy goodness. :p
  12. Thayldt21

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    Dag nabit.

    The pic at the top of the page not the one of your EMPimp.

    Any way I have to say I read someone say it looks like a Glock and A 1911 had an affair and that this was there bastard child.

    If you look real hard at the picture sampo posted I could not argue with that statement. LOL
  13. From Springfield's custom shop...$165 and up...for the paint job
    I kinda like it :wink:
  14. I'm not a fan. I like the standard black.
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    Look sampo I already have an XD9, you keep showing the penis envy .45 in all there glory with the sights and cool looking paint jobs my wife might return from Iraq just to KILL ME.

    This would be no good. Thus I have to say, KEEPEM commin. LOL :)

    heck I'll only live once right. Mine as well die happy.
  16. Ari

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    I must say I do likem XDs. I got to see one in the stainless the other day. Very nice. But I like the black the best
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    Gimme a good evil black any day of the week! You kin keep yer custom colors!

    Same thing with my vehicles. When it comes to guns and cars, my motto is "If it ain't black, I don't want it".
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    Thumb safeties are the devil. They're just not needed and it's one more thing to go wrong when you reallllly don't want it to. That and it uglies the gun up. Still not as ugly as a glock, but it's almost like they're trying with that abomination retrohacked into the back.