For those who've dopne it-whats the bind on ATI stocks?

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by mattmacklind, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. mattmacklind

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    So, I'v egot my stock on and the lever is binding. When it isn't binding it can take both hands to move it back. It seems to be the tightness of the rear bolt on the houseing but before I start taking more material off the gun in that spot I wanted to confirm this with others who had the same issue. Its the only issue I have but man its tough-this is night #2. Over 3 hours so far. Just using a file though. Thanks
  2. for mine the back cover plate was rubbing just took it off and hit it with some 200-300 grit sand paper. Took care of the problem real fast.

    Here are the pics.


  3. If you take this cover off you should be able to see where the bolt is rubbing.... Let us know how it goes.
  4. masfonos

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    Check your firing pin too. Not sure if it was a result of the top plate rubbing or what, but after installing the ATI and fixing the top plate thing, I still had the binding due to a bet FP.
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    On mine, it was rubbing down the sides of the bolt on the inside of the stock. I put the bolts in and tightened them down and then ran an index card down the sides. I kept sanding away at the inside of the sides of the stock until the card would run all the way back and forth without binding.
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    Mine was binding on the top of the rear cover plate. Hit it with a small belt sander and took care of the problem.