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  1. Not sure how many of you do any sort of gaming, but Call of Duty 4 is do out next week and I highly recommend everybody who's into that sort of thing check it out. The computer demo is available now. I just got done playing it for probably the 15th time and I still get a real kick out of that ONE level from the game!

    UPDATE! Here's a link to the demo over at Fileplanet.

    Sorry I didn't post that in the first place!
  2. played the 360 beta multilayer in September...have had it pre-ordered since then. ;) Ill be on live with it come Monday!

  3. Oh believe me, the wife knows that if I don't get that on my birthday, I'm going to be an unpleasant individual.
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    Link to Demo Please.
  5. Niiice... I've been drooling over the commercials since I first saw them and man does it look fun. Will have to try the demo out asap.
  6. Gonna have to wait for this one, due to Yugo acquisition!

    But it looks awesome, I guess I'll stick with R6 Vegas until then :(
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    i'm looking forward to it... sadly my 360 is in microsofts tender loving care...
  8. Ugh, red ring of death :( Though I think I'll be picking it up on the PC this time around. The mod community was great for CoD's 1 & 2, and I imagine the same will be with 4.

    But given that some of you guys will be playing on xbox live, I might pick up a used 360 version down the road so we can all get our game on together :D But I DO have Rainbow 6 LV on 360 if any of you guys have that!
  9. I can't wait! Problem is 90% of my Halo 3 buddies aren't getting it. idjits.
    Man this has been a year for games: Bioshock, H3, CoD4 on 360 and RE:UC, Rabbids 2, Ghost squad and Nights 2 in the Wii.
    Normaly I wait to get them used but this year I will have spent more an new game than ever before and I'm not regretting it one bit ('cept when I can't aford a new gun :( )
  10. Yeah, I hear ya there! And don't forget there's a few more left to come out, like Mass Effect! As much as it pains me though, CoD 4 will be my last new game for a LONG time. I'll even be holding off on Mass Effect until it comes down in price in about 6 months. I have to save up money for a house (and a few more guns :wink: )
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    Can anyone tell me the gear requirements off hand to play this game? I have COD2, and completed it numerous times: Can this rig still play it Cod4?
  12. Required (minimum) Specs
    CPU: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 2.4 GHz or AMD(R) Athlon(TM) 64 2800+ processor or any 1.8Ghz Dual Core Processor or better supported
    RAM: 512MB RAM (768MB for Windows Vista)
    Hard Drive: 8GB of free space
    Video card: NVIDIA(R) Geforce(TM) 6600 or better or ATI(R) Radeon(R) 9800 Pro or better

    Recommended Specs
    CPU: 2.4 GHz dual core or better
    RAM: 1G for XP; 2G for Vista
    Hard Drive: 8GB of free space
    Video card: 3.0 Shader Support recommended. Nvidia Geforce 7800 or better or ATI Radeon X1800 or better

    Got that from Gamestops website. I know this game isn't what would be called a total machine hog like some other games coming out; it can still be run fairly smoothly on a mid range machine. I would recommend downloading and trying the demo to give it a test run. It's really your best bet.
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    Thanks, man. Dang, seems I just have to build my "uber" computer (well, its Uber to me!) so I can play these this and Armed Assault..
  14. I'll be getting it. Probably for PC tho, and probably for Christmas.
  15. Ya know, with all these gamers, we should form our own online gaming squad/clan :)
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    I got no time lately: Life happens... :( and I love me some COOP team action like noones bidness...
    But who knows what the future holds...
  17. Yeah, just somethin to keep in mind for down the road maybe :)
  18. Well I'm up for it on the 360. Gamer Tag it Carpe Jugulum. Feel free to add me.
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    my tag is steyraug223, i'll accept any requests as soon as i get my 360 back. i'm mainly on RB6 though i don't know where i will be after COD:4 and kane and lynch.