For you Mosin guys.. Some history (had to add one)

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    Nice pics. That last one is especially nice. The silhouette of guy in the back blast is a cool touch.

  2. elguapo

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    Really cool stuff, Ari!
    I wonder what kinda rocket that one guy was shooting?
    Man, seeing those guys all aiming up for a volley fire at aircraft....I wonder do they even teach that in the military anymore?
  3. Hmmm, pics aren't working for me now...
  4. Pics are not working for me either. I even tried right click show picture and nothing. Probably a temporary problem
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    Right clicking and clicking "view picture" in Firefox works for me. Couldn't see them on my phone though.
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    weird they stopped working for me. I right click and hit view and then they would fill in weird
  7. veeery odd. Regardless, the first one is now my desktop.
  8. Pics no workie for me Ari... odd...

    Edit, and now they work... sheesh, how weird.
  9. Dang it, still not workin here! :(
  10. ahhhhhh the red x of death
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  12. link bad

    :x darn that link doewsn't work for me either.
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    weird.... I just tried it on my work computer and it worked on it...
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  15. For some reason, these pics show up on my laptop, but not on either of my desktop computers.... Strange.
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    well they work for me. When I saw the "Anti-aircraft Infantry" I had to chuckle to myself.
  17. Savage1

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    Thats not anti-aircraft guys! Thats sniping airborne soldiers. Teaching them how to shoot a guy in a parachute. LOL
  18. Parrothead

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    Great pics :D

    Now it's time to put my Mosins in their cases for transport to a remote desert location for some fun tomorrow 8)

    History can be so much fun :twisted:
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    Hey look, it's Chekov, before he was assigned to the Enterprise! :twisted: Great site Ari!