Forbus HP-2 holster doesn't fit my HP .380

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  1. Just got a new Forbus HP-2 holster, which is the model listed for my HP .380. When I tried it I found it would take three hands to push the gun into the holster. Way too tight of a fit. Do you have to push it in and pull it out with a hammer a few thousand times to get the holster broken in enough that it's usable? :(
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    Mine fits my C9 and CF just fine.

    You can do something, using some heat. But try the oil and some wear first.
  4. I talked to the service manager at Fobus about the .380 not fitting. By pushing hard I can get the gun in about 2 inches and that's it. The manager said that he thinks Hi Point might have changed the outside dimensions of the slide on the .380 as they did with the 9mm and said there was nothing he could do.

    I asked him if breaking it in by trying over and over again would help, maybe with a little silicone lube. He said that would help, maybe with a little heat, IF the gun only was tight fitting in the trigger guard section - but nothing would help if the slide of the gun was as tight fitting as I'm seeing.

    Oh well, it will go in the trash. I have another holster I'll use when the time comes.
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  5. Ours fits without a problem. Good holster for the money.

    Have heard nothing about HP changing the slide.

    Are you sure you have the correct holster?
  6. I have the HP-2 and it's marked as such.

    From the Fobus web site:

    Product Page
    Technical Information
    Gun Fit: High Point 9mm & .380
    Holster Material: Mold injected RX18 Polymer formula
    Holster Mechanism: Passive retention
    Passive Retention: Fobus passive retention system allows an instinctive and quick draw of the gun and is proven to be the most effective way to draw a weapon.
    The holster mechanism acts like a spring on the trigger guard area and holds the gun firmly in place.

    It says the HP-2, which I have, is the right one.
  7. Did you buy the holster new? From an individual like a ebay store or from a brick and mortar store?
  8. Got it new from a guy on ebay. It looks like it would be a nice holster so I may try to do a little stretching on it but I'm not sure how yet.
  9. Our CF380 is only a year old, we bought one new and it fit perfect. But over time they loosen up a tad. Some people use a heat gun to tighten them. Most plastic I have found including kydex shrinks as it cools, often making it impossible to remove the gun or insert it. A way around this is to use a plastic bag, which helps get the gun out, and the gun will fit when the holster cools and is reinserted. Since you got it off of ebay I suspect it was not new, and the holster was heated.

    Did you check the feedback of the seller?

    You have 60 days to send the holster back for a refund BTW.
  10. Feedback of the seller was 134933 at 99.9% Didn't save the wrapping but I think it was new, but I don't know how old it was. My guess it was probably made out of spec. I could return it but think I will play with it some.
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    Good plan, you can do some nifty patterns on the outside while you're at it.

    I keep thinking I need to get some kydex and play with it, I have a couple of knives that need sheathes.
  12. Getting much closer to working! After using some different shaped tapered pieces of scrap wood, well placed hammer strikes, and encouragement with some old Craftsman's tools, the .380 is beginning to fit to the point that it will soon be usable.

    I removed the Forbus label. If the Forbus service manager didn't really care about the problem, I see no reason to advertise his product.
  13. It took a lot to stretch it, but the Forbus holster seems to be working fine. I've been wearing it around the house while the wife is at work, to break it in some more, get use to the carry position, use to the weight, and to practice drawing. State carry permit should be here in a couple of weeks.
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