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Forgive me father, for I have sinned...I just stole this 995

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Ok, I didn't really steal the 995...but it sure feels like it. A buddy of mine from work sold it to me for $100. What I got: Stock 995 w/ Hi-Point comp on the end, mag pouch w/ 2 mags full of hollow points, 3 more mags, soft case, and a small ammo tin w/ 550 rounds of Wolf 9mm. Blew my mind. He's a good guy and doesn't really need the money (or the gun, he has over 40 in his vault in his basement). Said he just didn't get to shoot it much anymore (3 kids under 4 years old, newest being less than 4 months) and would sell it to me for $100 because he knew I'd enjoy it. Here's a pic before gunny gets me:

I was first thinking about getting an ATI stock for it, but now that I hold it, I kinda like the factory stock. We'll see after my first range trip. Also I have a Center Point scope I was thinking about putting on it, it's 4-16 x 40, with the red/green illumination. Has anyone used these? I figured it would help me hit at a little longer distances than the iron sights, what do you guys think about them?

P.S. Please don't stone me :lol:
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Nice pickup :!: He is the right kind of friend... knows the 995 is lonely and that it needs an owner that will lavish it with attention :lol: :lol:
That's a good friend! And a very nice catch for you. Enjoy!
To hell with it, I put the scope on anyway. There's no such thing as overkill =]


green with envy:

red...nothing witty for red:

wish my camera was better, but my wife's little brother or niece broke the better one so this is the backup (only 5 mega pixels)
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I think you said it right, you stole it. Nice grab dude.
Congrats you lucky ***** :D
Wow great deal. I need some friends like that.
Shame on you for your friend taking advantage of you like that.

I think that's right. :?:

I want friends like that. :cry: :cry:
Sweet find. Is that fellow looking for any other friends? :lol:
you are a badddddd man . stealing from your friend .. shame on you.....
Wow.......that scope is badass.......I need one like that....... :p
holy cow....I think you just purchased a one way ticket to hell! Stealing a 995 like that!
Holy crap, that's a freaking huge scope for a 9mm! You'll be able to target the BG's pupil with that thing!
Human!! What are you doing with an apes gun? Return it to me right NOW!!
The ammo alone is worth over $100.00 :shock: , he doesn't have another 9mm in that 40 gun arsenal?
:cry2: Thats a hell of a deal, The ammo in that can is worth over $100. You did steal it
Making me wish more and more that 995 and 4095 were legal here in the PRK....
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