Forgot to clean my Mosin

Discussion in 'Curio & Relic Zone' started by mrgreen, Aug 16, 2014.

  1. mrgreen

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    for 4 days after i shot that corrosive stuff:( I had pulled a oil bore snake through it though but forgot/got distracted. Today i dumped some windex through it and ran patch after patch and a brush but in between the lancets at the muzzle it still looks a bit tingy or rusty-ish, should i worry or just oil and shoot?


  2. bws

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    clean it, oil it and shoot it. I have one that's a hundred years old and I still shoot it. Four days without doing anything shouldn't do anything that horrible.

  3. mrgreen

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    Thanks! I just took it out for a demo shoot prior to camo and the timney trigger and things got hectic.
  4. Joshua M. Smith

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    "Oiled bore snake" is the definition of cleaning in a lot of countries.

    The ammo you shoot isn't corrosive. The primers produce potassium chloride when they're ignited. That's a salt a lot like table salt.

    It attracts moisture.

    Oil repels moisture.

    There's way too much hoopla surrounding "corrosive" priming. Just oil it or pour water down the barrel and then oil it, and it will be just fine. If you live in a dry climate, it can take weeks before any appreciable amount of moisture is collected.

    Just treat it like you would any firearm used near saltwater, or as you would a carry pistol carried primarily in a seaside town.


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    Basically, what they said above. But here's a more in-depth discussion of the subject.

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