Forgotten Weapons: Prototype Optic on an M1 at RIA

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    Prototype optic.

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    It says on the auction sight that it was just sometimes illuminated, which tells me that it could be used without batteries, too. That sounds like a feature that would be nice in more sights nowadays. My See All is probably the closest thing to that on the market that doesn't cost as much as the Trijicon 1x device, which uses either batteries, tritium, or a fiber optic tube to illuminate the reticule.

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    The Normark Single Point and Weaver Qwik Point red dots were early units too. Not sure how they work, as it looks like you can't see through them....but you can.

    Two versions of Single Point


    The Qwik Point R1 designed for shot gun or rifle use.


    And S1100, specifically for Remington shotguns.

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