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  1. Huggy

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    Have you considered making a desktop item that links directly to the forum? Makes it really easy. :wink:

  2. pills

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    I vote no. We could use the front page to give information about who we are and some common asked questions. A while back glockman was wanting to add in a NRA-ILA update. The front page would be great for that as long as he includes GOA stuff as well. :wink:
  3. perhaps pills

    but my point here is for people who say browse from multiple(often public) machines as well as people who find us via google and the like. if absolutely NOTHING else that splash page needs to be worked on so it looks presentable.
  4. Space

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  5. i'm not even going to say anything...
  6. GlockMan

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    I still want to do that with this site, do you know how to set-up the NRA-ILA up-dates to a forum?
  7. pills

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    do you still have the code?
  8. If one of you guys will give me some html as far as what you want the front page to look like ill upload it asap. 8)

    EDIT PM it to me.
  9. pills

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    the stuff in red is what you need to have in the code of your page.