Found a 995 for sale in Chattanooga today..

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  1. They have a very old, very beat up 995 at Valu Pawn on hwy 153 in Hixson, TN (part of Chattanooga). They were asking $159, and I offered $125, but they wouldn't budge. Ridiculous! The front sight was snapped off, and the magazine was held together with electrical tape. It was truly beat up all over! I don't mind buying a beater and sending it to Hi Point for some TLC, but I could order a new one from my local GS for only a few dollars more that $159 plus postage to Ohio. Maybe I'll drift back in a few weeks and try again.
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    Pawn Shops are a rip off. Especially if it's a chain. Used and abused crap at new prices. Buyer beware.

  3. I have had the unfortunate luck to have to deal with a lot of pawn shops over the years, and for the most part I totally agree with vallen.
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    The only Hi-Point I've seen is a pawn shop was a 9mm pistol for $329, about a year ago. I won't be seen there again.
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    I bought my 4095 from a pawn shop here in knoxville, and payed $199 plus tax and fee new in the box. Not the best deal out there, but I dont think I got ripped off. They sell c9's for $119 and the .40 and .45 pistols for $179.
  6. A new C9 for $119 is a smoking bargain!!!
  7. Went back to the Pawn Shop today...

    I went back to Valu Pawn today to see if the Hi Point 995 was still on the rack, and still for sale. Sure enough there it was. But, they had raised the price to $169! I was surprised. This thing looks like it got dragged behind a pickup truck. The front sight is broken off. The mag is broken. It is entirely scratched and scuffed from stem to stern. I offered them $140 out the door, and got nowhere fast. I explained I could order a brand new one for $200 at my local gun store, plus I would have to send theirs back to the factory, etc. etc. Ah well. I'll try again in another month. Maybe they will see the light.
  8. Some pawn shops want as much for their used guns as regular gun shops want for NIB ones. There are a couple pawn shops I deal with regularly that have decent prices on both used and new guns, and I do find deals and more than happy to deal with them. For the others, I look and nothing more because I know their prices are high and they are unwilling to come off their high horse and make a sell.

  9. I know a person locally that has a pawn shop, and he has a lot of rifles, but most of them are beat up and missing parts and were pawned without being cleaned and have been there for years.

    But he wants too high of prices for them and when you go there year after year, the same rifles are staring at you.

    Thats just how some people are.
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    Thats a ridiculous price at the pawn shop. Of course, maybe they bought it or loaned out more than it was worth, too.

    I had a funny pawn shop moment the other day. A friend of mine was lookng for a handgun and we happenned to drive by a pawn shop while on lunch. I suggested we check it out, as I was unfamiliar with this shop.

    They had a few rifles but no pistols. I spotted a lever action rifle, and it turned out to be a Sears Roebuck 30-30, OK wood, still had most of its blueing, decent shape. Shop wanted $169. I looked it over and the owner said he thought they had some collector value. I didn't think so, but decided to research it. I checked it out and decided to buy the gun and try to talk the price down.

    I went back to the store and the owner had marked the price up to $259! I told him I would pay the price from yesterday, and he agreed.

    I thought it was a decent deal, probably what the gun is worth. Here's a pic. There's also a CETME with wood furniture at a shop down here for $600. Thats about market and it could probably be talked down, if anyone is interested.
  11. Do I see toes? :) Awww heck I didn't mean to embarrass you! Seeing toes is a standing joke around here. Put the pic back up, we like the gun porn :)
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    lol. I need to use photoshop or an exercise bike, one of the two!

    There, I fixed it!
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    My main gun supplier is the local pawn shop, but Andy (the owner and good friend of mine) prices like a normal gun dealer. Better, in fact. I got my 995 from him NIB for like 130 or so.

    Ironically, the 'real' gun dealers around here are wayyyy too in love with their inventory. Top Guns, the local 'classy' place honestly has Yugo SKSes up on the rack for 175 bucks, and that's without an aftermarket stock or anything. I bought a perfectly reliable Norinco SKS with a monaco stock from andy for like 120. He's even offered to order and sell me a Kel-Tec rifle at cost.

    Some dealers understand that the key to business is moving stock, others don't.
  14. SKS at Valu Pawn

    There are about half a dozen SKS at Value Pawn in Chattanooga. Kind of beat up, and they want $169 each. Plus tax. Plus $10 background check, so you are up to 210 by then.

    I got my SKS from a feller in Nashville for $210, but it is in perfect condition. It's a Yugo.

    I'm going back to this pawn shop next week to see if that Hi Point 995 is still there. If I can get the beat-up old thing for a decent price, I think it would be fun to take some photos and send it off to Hi Point, and do a "Before and After" write up.
  15. Re: SKS at Valu Pawn

    They will do right by ya. Here's mine (a before shot):

    It was returned in new condition.

    I'll also be posting some 'after' shots as soon as bushman sends some goodies :)
  16. Just depends on the pawn shop. Some are more gun shops than anything. I deal with a guy nearby all the time. He has always had good prices and honest service.