found a new gun shop near by my house.

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  1. i just found a firearm shop around where i live. i keep passing by due to the name is "western auto" it sales car alarm and auto parts but apparently they also sales firearm. stop by them today and check out their stuff, they have quite a selection there couple colts, kimber, hk...etc. but their price is ridicules. hk p2000 sk for $999, glock 22 for $640, most of taurus, naa, eaa, are reasonable, but man...
    right before i left i ask the guy, how much they charge for ffl transfer and it was 100 bucks!!! that is by far the highest ffl transfer i ever hear.
  2. DRoCk

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    Well now, makes the 25 dollar FFL transfers around here a bargain!!

  3. 100 bucks for a transfer? What is the average out where you are?
  4. the two i know was 50 or 10% which ever is lower, and 75 or 15 which ever is lower. i thought the 75 buck for transfer was a rip off.
  5. I was blessed to find one for 20 bucks through I feel for you with them prices! :shock:
  6. yep, it's kind of suck living in Los Angeles.
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    Geez, $100 for the transfer!!!!! YIKES :roll:
  8. 100.00? what a ripoff...
  9. dang that stinks.

    Around here I knwo of a couple of places that do transfers for 25. Unfortunately the two places I frequent most often are either 40 or 50! its a bloody rip off.
  10. WOW 100. Talk about getting ripped a new one.
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    That just blows my mind at $100 for a transfer. What the heck! I bought my HP .380 brand spankin new for $99.99, and you got shops there asking $100 for a transfer.
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    My prefered ffl charges $35. There is a local shop here that will do it for $25. Both include the TIC fee.
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    My local does it for $25 and I was hoping to find it for cheaper.
  14. go check gun broker, you should be able to get a list of FFL dealers in your area and how much they charge, I was having the same problem and everyone was charging around $50 out here, I jumped on gun broker and found a guy that will do it for $7.50 and that made me as giddy as a school girl, maybe you'll get lucky
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    7.50$ is a true enthusiast price!
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    Rough prices there...guess that is what you pay for living in Commiefornia...dont get me wrong, I dream of someday moving back there...but their 2nd Amend. violations and rediculous cost of living makes me think about lving in another desert...Im thinkin Tempe/Phoenix area...cheaper living and much more loose on 2nd Amend...though its beginning to sound like Utah is pretty good about that, too...

    Does it make me a gun nut to choose my next home based on how gun-friendly they are? :)
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    how much does it cost to become an FFL? i'd gladly do it so I can facillitate cheap or even free transfers in my area :D
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    it's not the $ keeping me from doing it, it's me not wanting to get that deep in bed with the alphabet gang...
  19. i had that idea a while back but never really follow through. why don't i just become a ffl dealer, pay what ever fee for the kit, and do all the gun lover around my are a favor by not rip them a new on with ffl transfer fee. but it come down to few problems, one, my area is not that safe, ups guy usually just leave the package at the door freely for any one just pick up and walk out. two, i still pretty newbie on firearm stuff, i'm familiar with few brand of pistol and that's about it. three, i don't know that many gun lover around my area, and i will not serve gang banner.