Found bomb making materals in my AO.

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    Well yesterday was an interesting day in my neck of the woods. At 0628 EST my FD was toned out to stand by for a possible structure fire that immediately went 2nd alarm structure fire upon arrival, and then kicked up to a 3rd alarm multiple structure fire shortly there after.

    The fire started in the first floor rear apartment in a row house which quickly spread to the 2nd floor, breached the roof, jumped the fire wall, extended in to an adjoining structure, and was eventually stopped at the next firewall before it could extend to the third adjoined apartments. The roofs were quickly converted in to massive sky lights due to structural collapses in the rafters and it was a job well done by all 8 responding departments. The guys on my rig saved a dog, 2 cats, and a HUGE boa constrictor. Everyone got out safe and the only injury was a Fire Investigator who decided to be a dumb ass and not wear her mask required treatment for CO poisoning.

    No big deal right?

    What was found during the suppression operations however is a serious cause for alarm.

    One of the apartments was wired like nothing we have found in our area ever. This apartment had to have had $50,000+ worth of electronics equipment in it and had thousands of credit card blanks and multiple card readers, computers, and card encoding devices. One of the back bedrooms had enough components to manufacture at least a dozen IED's and the 3 occupants named in the lease were nowhere to be found during the S&R sweeps and resident checks by the Red Cross in the aftermath. Their vehicles were still in the garage and all of their possessions were all still inside the residence, what was left of it. It took the bomb squad 8 hours to finish clearing the complex.

    Stuff like this really pisses me off and sets me on edge. To know that my brothers and sisters were inside this building trying to save life and property all while some scum bags (I'll keep my description of these people PC since I know their race and religion) were willing to endanger not only the rescuers, but the entire apartment complex for some unknown agenda.

    I didn't get much sleep last night and I hugged my kids a little bit harder before I shipped them off to school this morning. It's scary to know that if the explosives had gone off, of the 50 firefighters on scene, maybe a dozen of us would have been guaranteed to survive the blast because of where we were located on scene.

  2. I trust there is a massive manhunt afoot? :mad:
    And I'll just bet they weren't Methodist either!
    I'd like to ask about a more specific location - I'm currently pretty close to the NY border. :confused:
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  3. You can never trust those Catholics :p
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    Nor any other Christian religion I bet.
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    Endicott, NY about 5-8 miles from the NEPA border, depending on which road you take to get there.

    There is a very silent but active manhunt going on. All FD's in the region have been put on alert status for the possibility of IED's and the FBI and ATF have quietly taken up residence at the NYSP barracks in town.

  6. Thanks, I'm currently in Erie, PA so this is of interest to me. :eek:
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    That's... unsettling.
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    It has prompted a thorough inspection of all firearms and other various weapons in the house as well as an inventory of ammunition and reloading components. I'll be heading to the range tomorrow or Wednesday to complete the function checks.

    It may seem overly paranoid or silly to some of our fearless readers, but it's keeping me focused and reassuring the old lady.
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    No ISIS cells here..... No sir....
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    February 1955, when was your dad born?
  13. Thanks for the insight. I have put off repairing one of my long guns because...well I have no good reason.
    I may also use this as a reason to get that new scope I've been putting off for, again, no good reason.

    I am happy to hear that no one was hurt in what could have been a very bad situation.

  14. I'm on the western side of PA (near the Ohio border) But I'm still paying extra attention. :(
  15. Why isn't this in the news?
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    Because then there would be questions about all the massive NSA spying not catching this.... Or the administration would have to comment, and I'm sure the POTUS is in the middle of a golf game, and or vacation, and can't be bothered.
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    And they sure don't want us to know how close "they" are. Then when TSHTF, everyone will say "Why weren't you watching them". Can't have it both ways, sorry. And I bet this isn't the only incident like this in this country.
  18. Not to far away from you, Westmoreland county here.
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    It makes you wonder what kind of surprises we will be subjected to in 3 more days...... *(Sept 11 anniversary....)* :mad::mad::mad:
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    My guess is this was part of it.