Found out satellite radio isn't for me

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  1. My car is in the shop because of the GM recalls so they gave me a loaner to drive. Well one of the things on the loaner is the XM radio, my first thoughts where this would be cool I don't have to listen to the 2-3 local stations I can hear what I like while driving around.

    Well I was wrong, it sucks. I grew up listening to Guns n Roses, Metallica, Ozzy, Creed, The Doors, Lynyrd Skynyrd, ... So very large mix of music I even like most of the Alternative for the 90s. So it should be easy to find something for me to listen to. But out of the 100 or so stations and only 5-6 I would ever listen to, out of those only about 15% of the songs I like so I'm keep jumping stations hoping to find something that doesn't stink.

    They have channels for 70s, 80s, 90s most of the music they have is stuff I hated years ago so not going to listen to it now. They have a Ozzy and Pearl Jam channel I thought they would be cool but again I was wrong a lot of the songs are for the hard core fans not the hits, but there are some nice songs mixed in.

    I don't know the cost of this service but why would people waste money on this just buy a iPod or MP3 player and plug it into the radio. Then listen to what you want any time. Maybe I'm just hard to please? But I like what I like and don't want to waste time or money of stuff I don't like. Maybe I'm becoming the grumpy old man.. And maybe that isn't a bad thing. :)
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    This is exactly what people are doing.

    Peace favor your sword,

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    I had that same experience when I had that BMW for a few days last year. Wasn't impressed at all.

    I ended up just listening to the Fox News station
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    I've had it free on the used truck I bought.... They just sent me a renewal notice. It's something like 30$ a month.... For free it's ok, but I'm not paying for it.
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    The talk shows, news and comedy channels are almost worth it, if you do a LOT of drive time.

    But not for me.:rolleyes:
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    danged double posting....
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  7. That's literally the only reason I bought a new stereo for my car, was so I could hook up my Zune HD (yup, I have a Zune, deal with it :p) to the AUX port. The car I bought still had the stock stereo from 2002, so it had no aux port.
    English radio has no rock or metal or anything (surprising, considering they are the land of Ozzy, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, etc). It is all either talk radio (I thought American talk radio was dry, I'm convinced English talk radio is robots talking to each other with an accent), classical music, or "modern" music; Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, whatever rap people exist, etc. Since January, I have heard ONE rock song on the radio by a band called Royal Blood, which is an English garage rock band, and I'll be honest, not that bad at all. But they played it once and I never heard it again.
    And it's funny, because the demand is definitely here; the Download Festival (A7X, Rob Zombie, Black Label Society, Opeth, etc. are playing this year) is in Donington Park this year, which is like an hour and a half from me, and tickets are almost gone; all the local places are sold out, I have to get them online. I hear the music coming from cars driving by; sure, I hear plenty of crap, but I also hear a lot of rock and metal blaring. The English don't really seem to get the whole "supply and demand" concept. :p
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    I got a year free on my Jeep. I listen to 2 channels Hair Nation and Ozzy's Boneyard. Its not that they play the music I prefer, its just they are closer to what I want than anyone else when I chose to not chose a song/artist/playlist from my ipod.

    They may try to charge $30 a month, but if you let it lapse and argue you can get it for like $30 for 6 month package. I would pay $60 a year for it but not $360...
  9. I thought I would be alone on this topic. I will be glad to get my car back it has the AuX cable then I can play my own music again.
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    They have this whole thing, called socialism. They think they know what you need, they'll get that for you, and what you want is not their problem.:p
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    One of my favorite things in my Jeep? The USB in the center console and uConnect. I can do voice commands to play stuff from my ipod. ie "Play. Artist. Iron Maiden" or "Play. Playlist. Thrash".

    I can also stream from my phone through BT but I have to touch the phone to make changes. :(
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    I also had XM in my car for 6 months free when I got my car, I only listened to 2 station and there is no way I'm paying 100's of dollars for 2 stations, I just use bluetooth on my phone to car and play pandora, 8tracks or my own music
  13. Guess Im the lone wolf on this topic. I LOVE my sirius radio. I dont like the price, but where I live its mostly country stations....I cant stand country music. However, when Howard Stern leaves Sirius/XM, I think I'll be leaving as well. Thats about 3 years from now.
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    i had it when i was driving a truck. it made things so much better to have a consistant series of channels no matter where i was. but now that i'm off the road i dont need it. i just listen to sports talk or cds. music radio tends to suck all around.
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    hairnation is good boneyard was good before it became ozzys boneyard now its horrid
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    I subscribed to XM, now Sirius/XM, for a couple of years.
    I used to be on the road a lot and, like others have mentioned, was getting tired of carrying CD's or having to constantly search for stations.

    At first I really liked it. But they kept taking away the unique offerings, often my favorites, while maintaining an endless selection of urban music which I don't listen to and I could get for free on the FM bands anyway.

    There was little left worth paying for.

    I bought an MP3 player and didn't bother renewing. I just didn't like paying for hundreds of stations when I only regularly listened to the several good ones they had left. Sorta like cable TV.

    I would renew if they changed their business model, but they aren't willing to do that yet. I guess getting paid 100% of nothing is more important than 75% of what they want. :)
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    i don't drive enough to justify spending 200/year for their service. I'd pay the 50~60 for their promo deals, but nothing more

  18. That's what I do. I have an IPod nano hooked up with a Griffin TuneFlex Aux. I have every piece of music I own on it. Plugs into your lighter and into your radio. Works great. I KNOW I like the music because I put it in there. My wife's car came with 6 months of free satellite radio. Sucked !!! Then after it expired they bug the poop out of you to re-up. I refused politely at first. Finally told them how much I thought it sucked and they haven't bothered us since. Guess they put me on the 'a-hole' list.:D
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    Well, my only request for the people who drive with ipods, MP3 players, or using their phones for music. DO NOT drive around with headphones in. I have personally taken out 2 cars on 2 separate occasions because the ass holes behind the wheel had their ear buds in and tunes blaring and somehow didn't see the gigantor bright red f-ing fire truck with lights flashing, siren wailing, air horn blaring, and the federal Q screaming. I had one dumb ass chick who didn't know the light changed with our opticom and ran a red light right in to my driver's side door AFTER I stopped, per protocol, before proceeding. I also had a full fledged stoner not see or hear the firetruck passing him on the left in the turning lane and he turned right in front of my bumper and we had to cut his dumbass out of the car.