Found these under the computer desk

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  1. when I got back from the shop today. Lost 2 of them, but these three girls and mom are doing fine. Looks like there may be a few more in there, so I'll update Y'all later.

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    Congrats grandpa. :)

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    My girlfriend's cat gave birth to five kittens in my closet Sunday evening.

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    Mom looks worn out. The critters must not be letting her rest much--just like human kids.
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    Any more yet?

    Don't remember, are they pure labs, or mixed?

    What are the plans for the pups?
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    Congrats, No tail, Two Legged, No Fur, Grand Pa.....What pets think when youre in the bathroom: "Human,....why is your tail in the front?"
  7. No more that survived so far., but I'll do an exam later to see if I can hear or feel anymore in there. I had to catch up on a few hours sleep after being up all night to help her out. I know that a sudden cold snap can cause an early labor in dogs, and it has been kind of cold the last couple days. Might have stressed her out a little, and having the first few outside of the room we set up for her may have added to the stress.

    Ideal conditions are 80 to 90 in the "delivery room, her person or people being the only one's there, and a quiet, calm setting. With graduation going on tomorrow, and some visiting friends of the daughter here, it may have been a little to stressful for her. Vet is on stand by if we need her help.

    Yep, both are pure bred labs. Maya is black, Diesel is a chocolate. My daughter's boyfriend is getting one of the yellows (Could be chocolate, as dad started out yellow as a pup and later darkened) and one of her co-workers at the Zoo wants a black female. The last one is not spoken for as of yet, but my dad is checking to see if he knows anyone looking for a lab in the next couple of months. Mainly just looking for good homes for them. Might have a friend who works at F&S that will want the last one, haven't had time to check with her yet. I'll see the next time I'm out that way ammo shopping.

    Big thing for me is that they get good homes.
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    Let them know you have a guy with a few pit bulls for sale too. I've got 3-4 left because everyone who wanted one filed to deliver their deposits.
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    Wow. I installed a new monitor a couple of days ago and all I found was dust bunnies.
  10. What town you in Rach? I may know a few folks close to you who are looking, and if some are willing to travel, I can let them know about how far.

    Found plenty of those too. I think I saw a couple under there that were big enough to take out the room mate's Jack Russel. :eek:
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    I'm in Endicott right near the PA border.
  12. I'll talk to my uncle who used to live there a few years back, and have him check with his friends in the area. We'll see what we can come up with, and let you know. How much are you asking for the pups?
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    $300, no papers, all males, and they come with a full vet check and their first round of shots. Rabies is on the buyer. Pictures of pups, mom, dad, and 1 yr old male from a previous litter available. If they're close to me, I like all prospective buyers to meet dad, if not, I can bring dad with me a reasonable distance for a meet along with the pups. I don't go all background check on people, but I wouldn't be adverse to some references, pictures of the property where the dog will be, and a little background of their dog handling experience.

    I know it sounds picky as sh*t but pit bulls are not entry-level pets.
  14. Don't sound picky to me at all brother. Never matters what the breed is to me, I am bery finicky about who I sell to, and if it feels hinky, I always pass up even if someone offers a higher price than I am asking. Believe it or not, it's easier for me to let a highly valued (As in a member of my family who has reached the Clearing at the end of the path) rifle go than it is to just give someone one of my pet's offspring. When I raised Rotties 20 years ago, I asked for references, and proof of them having one before giving my asking price. You and I both do our level best to ensure a good home, and I can respect that, as will anyone we can find and send your way.

    Update on the OP.

    The total number of pups was 15, 5 of which have survived so far. The mother is not lactating, so we picked up some formula and bottles, and are feeding every 2.5 to 3 hours. 2 males, 3 females, 1 yellow, 1 chocolate, 3 blacks. lost one of the yellow girls from the pic in the OP.

    We think that it was the number of puppies she was carrying that is causing the lack of milk production. just taxed her body too much to sustain that number, and a lack of room in the uterus. The plan for now is to dedicate ourselves to keeping the remaining pups alive and well, and to set up a system to keep the mother from getting bred, or at least less often, during the next cycle. We wan to wait a year, and then control the number of mounts to try for a smaller litter, then assess the situation before deciding to spay or not.

    Gonna get off for a while and try to catch some Zs between feedings. I'll post a new pic in the morning.
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    Doggy diapers. The cloth and Velcro closing kind. If someone had listened to me and kept them on her the entire time, we would have been successfully through our second cycle instead of selling pups.
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    OK, edumecate me.
    How do you control the number in the litter by the number of mounts?
    First time I've ever heard that.
  17. Rachgier

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    Generally, during planned breeding, an ideal situation would be for a male to mate with the female 2-3 times over the course of 4-6 days to ensure she gets as much as possible and promotes a max count in the litter because the eggs are released en masse over a 24-48 hour period, mature over the next 24-72 hours, and then remain viable for 12-72 hours. Once that happens they can become fertilized as soon as 24 hours and as far out as 8 days. The male's sperm is viable up to 7 days.

    This also means the multiple dogs can mate with the female, if she is receptive, and a mixed litter of puppies is entirely possible.

    By controlling the number of times, and when, the female is mounted during the proestrus cycle (ovulation period), you can essentially control the size of the litter. It all depends on the size and breed of the dogs.

    Abby was mounted once both litters and her first litter was an early mount and resulted in 10 smaller pups total but only 9 viable, which is a lot for a pit bull. Her second litter was a late mount and resulted in 8 puppies, all viable, and all much larger at birth than the first litter. They were also born a week early, and have moved to solid food sooner because they were larger than the first litter.
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    My lab Misty had 13 puppies, all survived, poor mom was sore from all the feeding and when it was time to wean she let them know it! Last time she bred too, think she decided the puppy thing was not for her!
  19. Sadly, we lost all but 2 of them. On the bright side, the mother is now nursing, so the chances of the last 2 making just went up by a large amount.