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  1. I found this posted on the yahoo hi-point group:

    "hey guys I hear that the 9mm winchester rounds are just a bit longer
    than the other brand name rounds and could jam coming out of the mag.I
    had talk to a hi-point tech that was the reason I was told to stay
    away from the winchester and wolf brand rounds for the 9mm.anybody
    know about this?"

    Now I havent heard of anyone having a problem with WWB in thier HP's, or wolf for that matter. AND I can't see a Hi-Point "tech" suggesting there was a problem. So has anyone heard any of this before?
  2. I have never heard anything even close to that statement.
    There have been a few bad batches of WWB but I've only heard of low-power or over-powered loads.

    I have read on here that certain HP guns don't like the Wolf ammo. I believe it was the C9 that had the most trouble & a couple of 995's.

    I've only shot about 200 rnds of WWB but had no troubles with it.

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    It's true! Member p7196 had this same issue, i hope he weighs in on this!
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    i pulled out a few boxes of WWB i had flaoting around and the rounds mic about .001-2 shorter than spec from my loading book. maybe one bad lot that way but not all of them.

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    I believe he had to reseat the bullet to make them within tolerance.
  6. I have not heard that spacific reason, but HiPoint did tell me in an email that they DO NOT RECOMEND Winchester ammo.

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    Why not? Does Hi-Point give any reason for this? Should I stop using Winchester ammo? It has been working fine for me so far.
  8. It goes like this. When my C9 came back from HiPoint, the tech wrote "Use different ammo". I emailed HP and asked what they recomend. The response was Blazer, Remington, UMC, I don't remember the 4th brand. And they didn't say why they don't recomend Winchester. I'll send them another email tomorrow. I'll search through my post to find the 4th recomended brand.

  9. I have never had any problems with WWB in any of my 9mm guns. I do know that the UMC has a shorter OAL.
  10. Thousands of WWB rounds later......... no issues at all. I don't have the tools to measure within 0.001's but no issues.
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    I too have not had any problems with WWB in my 40.
    I have had problems with some other amo but not that one.
  12. A couple years back I measured some sample rounds of 115gr WWB and 115gr UMC...... WWB IS longer. The bullet shape of the WWB 115gr FMJ has a steep taper making the bullet longer and more pointy nose than the UMC 115gr FMJ. Spec's for a 115gr FMJ WWB round is 1.169" OAL, this is what I load all my 115gr reloads to because it works in my pistols.

    I have never had an issue with UMC or WWB in any of my 9mm's, C9 and 995 included, but a former co-worker had feeding issues in his C9 when using WWB. When he used UMC, Blazer or Independence his C9 ran flawlessly.

    This is one example of why you test various brands and types of ammo in your guns prior to choosing a "regular" brand/type to shoot all the time.
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    My self and several friends have used wwb and still do.HP didn't give a reason for not using wwb so I have continued to use it due to it is cheap range ammo. But for all other purposes I use remington.Including for carry purposes. SW if you would pull out a few rounds and mic the diameter please. We have checked the rounds here and found many different batch #'s and ammo from different retailers. They miced much larger than the remington and several other brands. The problem many here are having is the 8 round mags will only hold 7 and the 10 rndrs will hold only 9. Other brands they will hold their respective number of rnds. I was also informed by a dealer that the value boxes of 99% of the brands sold are factory reloads. Now I have not been able to substantiate his statement yet and I am researching it. However I have noticed that several dealers around here do not carry wwb but carry other winchester loads. I do know I was at either Dicks or Academy a few weeks ago and was about to buy a 250 rnd box of value ammo they had on sale. I noticed they had a sign saying that that brand was factory reloads.Again I have not confirmed this on the wwb but am still researching this.I have found several manufacturers do not recommend the value rnds. I will let you know what I find out from my research on wwb.
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    All I have used in my HP's so far is WWB, 115gr 9mm and 230gr .45,...

    Zero problems so far.
  15. WWB and UMC value pack ammo are not factory reloads! It is newly produced ammo using bulk bullets, brass and loaded from bulk powder hoppers on automated high speed machinery. The pricier loads from each company is loaded in a similar manner on similar machinery but the QC tolerances on bullet dia, COL, charge wt's are a bit tighter than those on the bulk ammo lines. Bullet composition of low cost plinking ammo and mid/high end ammo is also different, this also accounts for quantity/cost when loading with the different types of bullets.
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    RFH according to Quirk, Sharon K EALT (don't ask what the ealt is I don't know it just followed her name.) from Winchester/Olin said today on the phone that the process is pretty much as described by you. She says the "value" ammo the casings may or may not be made in house. The tolerances on the casings are not as QC controlled as the higher end. The casings not made in house are only checked to be sure they are stamped for caliber and they are within the tolerance specs which means it will fit the weapon. Also she requested I send in a few rounds for her to compare with others to see if they need to do anything to insure better quallity. I told her quality fine. But she insisted on my sending a few rounds and UPS is picking those 200 up Monday.
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    The only brand they told me to stay away from was Wolf. However, it turns out it runs just fine in my C9. I'm not sure but it may be a little hard on the extractor and the lacquer coating may gum things up a bit.
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    I've been running WWB, REM 155gr. JHP and Wolf Steel with the poly coat through my 995. They all seem to be working just fine with no FTF's, FTE's, or firing problems.