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free lead and alloy?

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Tell us about your best sources for scoring free lead and casting alloy?
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auto reapir shops, tire dealers and gas stations are all sources of wheel weights but generally they cost you something. i usuaslly show up about coffee time with a dozen rolls and a five gallon bucket. its gotten thin of late as everyone got in on the high proced metals market and now think what they have is worth a fortune.

Mine is a local nuclear medicine pharmacy. Luckly I can still get it for free.
Another good overlooked source I've heard about is semi truck repair shops. Many of them do tires also and get overlooked as most people are hitting the auto tire shops.
I get the majority of mine from the Base Auto Hobby shop and the Military Motor Pool. I try to get some from off base shops, but as SW said, it's getting pretty thin.
In the past I would hit up the local tire shops but they have been running pretty thin.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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