***FREE*** Misc Leo Gear UPDATED 12/29

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    OK since no one wanted my rifle case... we'll take it down a notch...have at it boys and girls. All legal don't worry, these were used on the job in my LEO days. Didn't prefer my issued gear so bought my own, now it's yours:

    - Leather Duty Belt (Lrg)
    - Belt keepers (around 8 smooth leather w/ steel studs & maybe some brass ones)
    - And of course a pair of Acrylic Nunchuckas...no..non-issued(it was my backup in case I lost my baton :lol: )

    In case you've got any sigma .40 stuff laying around or a 4 shell side saddle, pm me. Though never a requirement for these items, but it would be nice...

    Almost forgot....S & H would be necessary...sorry, no profit on my part of course. Just knowing I'm giving something to this forum is good enough for me.

    UPDATE**Keep looking below for more free stuff, just toss me the s&h plz!

    Merry Christmas!
  2. kunlao21

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    Sorry again-please move to "Pay it foward"

  3. darn you pills. beat me. If you don't want it i'll take it.

    I'd be glad to take the 12ga buckshot. PM me and i'll send you shipping info and i'll get ya a few bucks for shipping.
  4. I would like the 12 gauge ammo
  5. OOPS never mind about the ammo, I got beat to the draw
  6. kunlao21

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    Wo...Pills beat Ibreev' by mere minutes!

    I'll send out some PM's to get some info
  7. kunlao21

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    Waltham, Ibreev' was kind enough....and smart enought to see the math in the equation.."2 boxes of ammo and 2 requestors" he offers the second box to you if you'd like.

    pm me for s&h and address stuff

    Thanks Ibreev's! Tis the season!!!
  8. kunlao21

    kunlao21 Guest

    Also hanging around the closet is a nylon "Bulldog" medium fanny pack. It held my glock 23.

    Free of course to you who ask! + S&H
  9. Would like that mag pouch. Lemme know if anyone beat me to it!
  10. Mordecai

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    can we get a pick of the belt, want to know what I'm asking for, lol

    And what is a belt keeper?

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member


    They are snpped loops that keep your duty belt hooked to your trouser belt makes it look like it's all one deal. Watch COPS or next time your in a store and LEO walks by look at his belt and you'l notice no trouser belt.....It's under the duty belt :wink:
  12. kunlao21

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    Taurus - pm sent

    Mordecai - Sure, you have your choice of the belt or the...um, belt! I've this duty belt or a karate belt, all the colors - white - black if ya want! :D

    You can google image these; they're the 2-4 snap nylon, or in my case, leather, "buttons which hold your duty belt securely to your underbelt/regular belt.

    They work as belt loops of sorts to keep your duty belt from sliding/moving as you get in and out of the car, chase people and basically keep your Batman tools in the same consistent spot no matter what the action. They're also tremendously effective in stopping all new LEO's from successful emergency code 3 runs to the bathroom. :D No no, it was this guy I knew...I swear!

    Anyways yours to whomever wants to do S&H

    Merry Christmas Morning....From my desk :cry:
  13. kunlao21

    kunlao21 Guest

    Also have a shirt stay for uniforms (LEO/Military). Also a Hobble tie, since I no longer hobble anyone...

    paypal some S&H and they're yours!

    Merry Christmas!
  14. Thanks Kunlao

    Oh and here's what a belt keeper looks like.
  15. Mordecai

    Mordecai Member

    i meant a pic of the belt, lol, sorry for the confusion
  16. That was just to show what a belt keeper was. Kinda hard to understand when it's explained till you see one then your like "ohh...those things"
  17. kunlao21

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  18. Mordecai

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    No taurus, I'm referring to my other post where I said "can we get a pick of the belt" and I meant a picture of the belt, i meant to say pic.
  19. kunlao21

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    I took me a moment as well :wink: That's why I found a pic and posted it just above. "Pic", "Pick" C'mon my engrish ain'te dat graet!
  20. Still dont know what the hells goin on, I just posted a picture of a beltkeeper because: