Free Mosin Shim Kits For Fathers

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  1. Joshua M. Smith

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    This is not a promotion per se. It only applies to dads.

    If you are a dad and receive a Mosin for Father's Day, write me from my website at Contact Smith-Sights and I'll send you a free accurizing shim kit.

    There are conditions:

    • You must receive the Mosin as a Father's Day gift from your child.

    • You must install the shim kit with your kid. I don't care if he or she isn't a year old yet, the kid gets to watch, at least.

    • You must take the kid who gave you the Mosin shooting the first time you take it out after modifying it. If your child is too young to shoot yet, you must promise to do it at the earliest opportunity.

    That's all I ask. You probably do this type of thing with your son or daughter anyway, so I'm not asking anything extraordinary.


  2. very nice offer, I hope someone can take you up on it.

    My grandson can't wait to shoot my 91-30. He needs some girth yet. 11 year old need to grow, LOL