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    Hey everyone,

    I am gearing up to take my C9 out to the range and had been pricing targets. Damn, you can tie up some cash in those mama jama's! So, I got to thinking and did some searches on the good 'ol interwebs, and found two really nice sites for self printable targets.

    I used my trusty HP MFP printer and some card stock to print out some nice looking targets! I figured I would share, because that is the kind of guy I am! So, tonight I printed 15 targets 5 targets with 1 inch spaced red circles and 1 inch red bullseye, 5 targets with the standard black silhouette with center head shot and body target with center chest bullseye, and and 5 targets with a 3 ringed target and 1 inch bullseye and 4 per page. Rough estimated cost of $0.04 per target, granted they will not be the best for outdoor shooting, in anything other than dry conditions, but for range use I can't beat that!

    Granted both sites had good site in targets for handguns, long guns, air guns, and best of all you can save them to your hard disk. So if the site vanishes, no biggie!

    So my new sites to hit are below:

    Happy shooting ya'll!! :D:D:D
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    Thanks a lot partner! I saved those on my favorites list and I'm going to print a few out next time I head to the range! :thankyou:

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    SE MN
    Thanks for the links, saved them also.
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    Thank you for posting those links. They're very useful.
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  6. Sticky worthy?
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    This n00b thinks so
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    Ok tuff guy, go troll around and and insult somewhere else :p
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  9. Definitely! Thanks for asking.:thankyou:
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    Take a look @ remington & winchester for printable targets. They're not bad
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    Care to add any links to the thread for us all? Thanks!
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    I meant to post some examples of the targets that I printed out on here. So, below are some pics.

    I went to the woods and did some target shots with both eyes opened just for fun. I shot at 5 and 10 yards and did so, so. 5 yards was under 3" grouping. 10 yards was not so hot.