Free Shipping on Reloading brass

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  1. Free shipping on all order over $100. All brass is from a indoor range.
    45 acp $70/1000
    380 acp $65/1000
    38 spl $69/1000
    223/5.56 $70/1000
    9mm $28/1000
    40sw $27/1000
    Pm or Email me [email protected]
    Brass is "clean" but not tumbled. Has been machine sorted and Hand inspected. Have Tons of brass in stock ready to ship. Take paypal + fees or Money order. Located in Indiana.
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    I'm interested in your 380 reloads. What projectiles do you use?
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    Oh never mind you are just selling the brass. No wonder lol
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  8. I ordered 4000 rounds of .40 S&W brass and paid with PayPal. The package was on my doorstep two days later! The brass is in great shape, nothing but good things to say about the transaction. Sgtonory is a class act! I will definitely be a repeat customer.