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Discussion in 'Caliber Zone' started by rippinryno, Apr 7, 2015.

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    Anybody else use this site. I've ordered 500rds in the past and plan to make a large order of 1000rds sometime early this month. I shoot lots of 40sw. Since it's hard to find cheap, freedom can usually save me quite a bit with the bulk loads. I believe I paid $13/50rds last time i ordered. This time i have about 30lbs of brass to send back so I'm hoping to save with the trade in.
  2. I have used them twice for .380ACP when they had free shipping.
    Great deals, if in bulk or free shipping.
    For my small qty. 9mm its not worth it.

    But i am a member of the email chain. Not at many free shipping offers anymore.

    I have seen one reported issue on here with improper bullets. I believe they took care of him, and replaced all the boxes in that order

  3. Rachgier

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    So with their brass credit program, 30#'s of brass at $2.10 market value is $63. It's going to cost you around $36 to ship it flat rate I believe? I forget how much brass you can fit in the large boxes, but I think it will take 2. You're only looking at a $27 discount when you balance out the extra shipping costs of sending them the brass. Granted it's still $27, but you may be able to sell it locally and get more cash in your pocket to put towards the ammo.
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    Ratch has a good point. I cleaned out my dad's brass stash for my mom and made her more money selling it as scrap than the commercial reloaders offered.
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    I have used them for both 9 mm and .40 cal. Had no issues with either and I bought 500 rounds of each.

    Not trying to start a caliber war, but buying their .40 was close to the same price as 9mm (think it was $10 difference for 500). It lets me shoot a bigger bullet for close to the same price as a 9mm. I reload .45 and that's how I keep that affordable, but with the other 2 close to $10 for 50 it's not much of a savings to reload for me.
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    Exactly. For the 9mm's I can get them in wally world for the price that freedom sells them, but the 40sw are much cheaper to get from freedom vs paying 15-20/50rds from a store.

    I will have to reconsider sending this load of brass in since they don't credit much and shipping will be costly. I don't know any local places that would take my brass, i don't think scrap yard would give much for 30#'s
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    Well the scrap yard SHOULD give you market rate. Just keep checking on it to see what they're offering. You can also list it locally on craigslist or another shooting related site. Talk to your local LGS people. They may be able to hook you up with a local looking to buy. You might not get full market on them, but you'll definitely end up with more than $27 for the lot.
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    Scrap yards pay market rate and they take any amount.
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    I'd keep the brass and start reloading it myself. Not only do you save money, but you position yourself should something happen and you are unable to order or purchase ammo. ;)
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    Kinda difficult if someone doesn't have the space/time to devote to reloading
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    I shot a ton of FM stuff until I started loading my own. Very satisfied. True that with 9mm you might find it at a similar price (and without shipping), but if you buy local you will pay tax, burn gas going to get it, and you won't likely be able to pick up > 1000 rounds at a time. It's a good option to have.
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    I've considered reloading as all i shoot are 40sw out of the handguns. I do have a 9mm but i go through more 40's than anything. What would a startup cost for a good press be? i've seen some of the progressive presses on ebay for around $300. Assuming I was to get one of those, what else is needed aside from the primers, powder, brass, and bullets. The kit i saw comes with the dye for 40sw. Do these presses already have the primer punches in them?
  13. Rachgier

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    Actually I might be able to help you out here since I mainly reload for my .40.

    I picked up a Lee 4-hole classic turret press kit. It's a semi-progressive, came with everything you need to start with the exception of dies and a tumbler.

    Don't get the case trimmer I bought, It's a POS and fell apart in relatively short order, also you can ignore the .308 dies and double disk kit

  14. Look to Lee, very affordable. I do believe you could get started for around 300, more if you reload a lot and use a progressive. I do not use progressives because I am intentionally slow at reloading. I inspect every case through every step of the process, I also weigh every charge. As well as religiously check OAL.

    For me I find a couple of single presses work better for that. Time consuming, but I get very small variance on the chrono, and extremely reliable accuracy.
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    My questions would be, how familiar are you with reloading and what would you consider your experience level?
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    If I'm not mistaken, I think you can remove the rod that advances the plate, and use the progressive press like a single stage.... Do all of one step, then turn play manually to do another.
  19. Rachgier

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    Yeah, you can do the same on my turret press as well. Bonus on the turret press is you can change disks in seconds and run multiple calibers on the same press by having spare disks with your dies preset.