Freedom of Speech and H.R. 1955

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    For those of you who need it explained in cartoons:

    "Now remember," the snake told the ass, "no matter what situation
    you're in, no matter what animals you're talking to, make sure you
    always mention how you're a 'leader' and know what's good for them,
    and how the other candidates don't have a clue about any of those
    things. But never be specific about precisely what you're going to
    do. For instance, if the rabbits happen to ask you what you're
    going to do about hunters, you just say that this is a matter that
    calls for 'strong leadership,' and harp on how you've always been on
    the cutting edge of change. Again, let's say the deer inquire about
    the possibility of a year-round water supply, you can tell them that
    this is something that you yourself have thought about (even though
    you haven't) and that it will require the 'strong leadership' you've
    always shown---even if you haven't. Remember, 'leadership'!
    'Change'! 'New vision for the future'! Believe me, the animals in
    this forest are so stupid that they'll vote for you just because you
    sound good."