Frickin great gun!

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  1. Just got back from the range and fired 200 rds thru my new 995 convert didn't have a problem.
    Got the ATI stock and lekker shroud a couple weeks ago and got the 995 and a scope at the gun show yesterday morning. Spent yesterday afternoon putting it all together.
    Went smooth not one need to file anything.
    I packed up all the tools ready to ajust stuff at the range but the only thing that needed it was the scope. Once the scope was zeroed in it was awesome. 200 rounds later of 2 and 3 inch groupings.

    My wife's in love with this gun, got it sitting on the bar! I married Sara Conner :)
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    I also just got back from the range. Ran 200rds of wolf through my new 995. The only problem was that if the rounds tend to nose dive in the mags. If you insert them like this you'll get a FTF.
    Other than that it ran like a champ.

  3. Gotta smack the mags on the counter a couple times and they line up. Had the same problem with my C9 till I figured it out.
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    Yea, that's what I ended up doing. Quick slap on my palm seemed to get them seated. They may "break in" over time and not need it(?)
  5. Always a good idea to smack a mag in your palm, no matter what kind of gun it is. It seats the bullets and they feed better.