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You can go lots of ways on this. If money isn't a factor, he should just go ahead and fork over for an assembled product.
If money is important, there's nothing wrong with getting an upper and then building from a lower that's ready to mate (two little pins) or even buying something stripped. There are parts everywhere and they're really pretty easy to build. This way, too, he might find a better trigger, whatever, and learn more about maintenance, stripping, trouble shooting etc.
DPMS makes decent stuff, not on the cheap end though. Tell your 'friend' :p
:D (couldn't resist) there's nothing wrong with slowly getting and AR.
Though I am thoroughly familiar with them I don't own one. My alternate for the 5.56 market is a Ruger mini 14. Not even in the same category as AR, really, but an alternative. Though I am thoroughly familiar with them I don't own one, building it though, as I am STILL waiting on the upper.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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